Introduction to Unify OpenScape

Built on top of existing business networks, Unify OpenScape Voice is an SIP-based, real-time solution which integrates voice and data into one scalable solution. Designed for large organisations, this solution lets you connect people, devices and information quickly and easily across all networks.

What is Unify OpenScape?

Traditionally, information (data) and communication (voice) in a company is distributed by different technologies. A data server is used to run the data network and a telephone installation (PBX) service is used to provide voice calls. However, large organisations who value work efficiency now require a single, integrated communication system that unifies these networks and can converge voice, multimedia, and multiple input devices across the organisation.

Unify OpenScape, provided through the Siemens HiPath OpenScape Voice Portal, does just this. The solution is an SIP-based, real-time IP system overlay, meaning it is built on top of existing networks. The solution can be deployed or managed as either a typical enterprise solution or as a hosted service.

Providing organisations with a robust service-creation-and-delivery infrastructure, Unify OpenScape offers a variety of applications that are designed to tie together all the elements of data and voice communication, including voice, instant messaging, email, conferencing and more. Ideal for large to massive organisations, Unify OpenScape Voice is scalable from a few hundred users to as many as 100 000 per system. In a large network, it can serve a virtually unlimited number of users. Equipped with advanced admin and maintenance capabilities to simplify system management, Unify OpenScape is your complete voice communication system.

How Will Unify OpenScape Benefit My Business?

Flexible communication

  • This unified communications platform allows for flexible communication and the ability to access media anytime, from anywhere

Add applications

  • It is easy to add other applications to the platform
  • It supports open standards which provides ease of integration with other applications and compliant systems

Integrate with a data centre

  • Your IT department can install and maintain the solution in any suitable data centre

Be Mobile

  • The platform can be accessed from anywhere

More About Unify OpenScape Voice

Unify OpenScape Voice, provided through the Siemens HiPath OpenScape Voice Portal, offers the following applications:

HiPath OpenScape Unified Communication This collaboration application fits into your company’s existing voice and data infrastructure, tying together phones, voicemail, email, text messaging, directories, calendaring, instant messaging and conferencing services.

HiPath messaging This application combines voice, fax, email and text on a Windows platform and transforms them into a unified messaging system for use in the HiPath OpenScape Voice.

One-stop management solution: HiPath MetaManagement This comprehensive solution supports the standardised management of all HiPath platforms and applications including call data analysis, fault management, user management, and quality of service

Enhanced contact centre services: HiPath ProCenter This contact centre application makes it possible to implement a single call centre solution for all HiPath platforms. It consolidates the features of its predecessors while providing an enhanced, intuitive agent interface and visual management tools.

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We have partnered with Siemens, a respected third-party supplier, to provide Unify OpenScape, which means we will be able to identify your needs, draft user requirement specifications and commission a custom-built platform designed to meet these needs


DECT system with up-to-date encryption standard


One management platform for single and network systems

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