Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express

Introduction to Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express

Built specifically for growing medium-sized business, Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express provides you with an affordable, advanced Unified Communications solution that will make your business more productive and efficient.

What is Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express?

A Unified Communications (UC) solution for your growing mid-sized business needs not be hugely expensive or difficult to maintain. Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express makes it easy for growing businesses to have enterprise-level communication without the cost and complexity of deploying and maintaining individual voice over IP (VoIP), HD video and UC applications.

This solution has been designed for growing businesses with 200 to 5000 users at virtually unlimited sites. Increasing productivity and improving efficiency, this voice and UC solution is a highly competitive and affordable and delivers select applications that have been recognised as providing the highest business value.

Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express is easy to install and easier to maintain and with its pre-packaged suite of applications, it meets the needs of your mid-sized business by providing advanced UC capabilities. The solution integrates several OpenScape software applications onto a single, virtual server:

Voice a central communication server:

  • UC Application – a UC platform
  • Xpressions – unified messaging
  • Contact Centre Enterprise – an enterprise-class contact centre solution
  • Common Management Platform – a common management interface for core apps and select network elements
  • Deployment Service – IP endpoint management
  • User Management – a user-centric, template-driven admin app

How Will Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express Benefit My Business?

Know when people are online and message instantly

  • Presence functionality lets you know where and when colleagues are available
  • Instant messaging allows you to contact customers and colleagues quickly, enhancing customer service and employee productivity


  • Customer-specific user data, numbering plans and routing tables are set up before activating the solution
  • Baseline configuration serves as the basis for defining change when the solution needs to grow with the business


  • The one-number service allows users to control where and when they can be contacted and on which device
  • Android and iOS devices can use the mobile clients to download applications
  • Flexible workforce creates business agility, which attracts the best talent to your business

Easy to install and maintain

  • Pre-integrated applications reduce integration complexity and speeds up installation and activation


  • In-house audio and web conferencing tools increase collaboration between teams virtually

Why Choose BCX?


Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express offers UC, voice, mobility, contact centre, unified messaging and conferencing in one easy-to-use and simple-to-install package


The product hardware and licencing is simple to order

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