Unify OpenScape Business

Introduction to Unify OpenScape Business

Increase productivity, improve customer service and keep your staff connected at all times with Unify OpenScape Business, a Unified Communications solution that combines voice, conference, contact centre, presence, messaging and mobility functionality in one affordable and easy-to-use package for small to medium-sized businesses.

What is Unify OpenScape Business

Empowering employees to carry out their work faster and more efficiently, from anywhere and at any time, is vital to every business. Unified Communications (UC) allows people to do this: it connects people; allowing them to collaborate and communicate easily and affordably.

However, UC is not just for big business. Small to medium-sized companies can also use UC to improve customer service, increase employee productivity and cut communication costs. Unify OpenScape Business, designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, is the easiest and most affordable way to introduce Unified Communication to your business. Possible to operate on a standard server, Unify OpenScape Business offers you various models depending on your existing infrastructure.

Unify OpenScape Business can revolutionise your business. Improve customer service by providing customers with multiple ways to get in touch and by instantly routing employee or customer calls to any device. Keep mobile and remote employees connected by delivering UC functionality on more mobile platforms, allowing employees to respond to customer queries instantly. Reduce conferencing costs and bring teams together in a virtual space, anywhere and at any time through chat, conferencing and web collaboration.

How Will Unify OpenScape Business Benefit My Business?

Connect from any device

  • Total connectivity means you can access UC on any desktop, laptop or smartphone

Be mobile

  • Comprehensive mobility means UC is supported on more mobile platforms, including Android, Windows and IOS, using a web-based solution

Easy to manage

  • Swift and easy deployment means you will reduce costs.
  • Use the web-based management tools for simple, low-cost maintenance and support.

Easy to roll out

  • The solution offers flexible and scalable deployment models, suitable for standalone businesses and multi-site, medium-sized businesses.

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