Unified Communications Platform 600

Introduction to Unified Communications Platform 600

The Unified Communications Platform 600 (UCP-600) is an IP enterprise communication solution for small to midsize businesses that provides sophisticated telephony and Unified Communications (UC) from one, single platform.

What is Unified Communications Platform 600?

Your business has been using the existing Opticon IPECS system and has been making great strides in employee and customer collaboration and communication. Functionalities such as distributed architecture, mobility solutions and application integration has made a real difference to the way your business operates. Now it is time to take communications to the next level with the Unified Communication Platform 600 (UCP).

UCP-600 has various enhancements to applications that will meet your ever-expanding needs. The system port capacity has been expanded to 2400 ports and the new Web Admin management system allows for much easier system configuration.

Enjoy a full value-add product list, including call recording and management, smoothly upgrade from your older IPECS equipment and rest assured with enhanced security protocols that provide state-of-the-art security.

How Will Unified Communications Platform 600 Benefit My Business?

UC is embedded

  • No additional servers are required to enable UC on the UCP600, saving you costs
  • Expand via licence activation

Be secure

  • The enhanced security protocols enabled of UCP600 provides state-of-the-art security for any business.

Integrate Microsoft with Lync

  • Enhance your PBX facilities by integrating seamlessly with MS Lync and save costs.

Limit downtime

  • Call servers will be deployed remotely for disaster recovery purposes and the standby server will automatically take over in the case of breakdown

IP Call Record

  • Enjoy secure call recording, either on extensions or trunks. These calls are encrypted and would stand up as evidence in court.

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