Smart Business Gateway

Introduction to Smart Business Gateway

Designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses, Smart Business Gateway is a next-generation VoIP PBX solution which will revolutionise the way your business communicates.

What is the Smart Business Gateway?

Phone calls remain one of the primary forms of business communication, but even this seemingly simple technology has evolved drastically in the last few years. That’s why upgrading your traditional, or legacy, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solution is so important. Only by doing this can you take advantage of technologies like voice over internet protocol (VoIP), which delivers cost-effective voice calls and multimedia sessions over the internet.

Smart Business Gateway (SBG), designed specifically for small to medium businesses, is the new 32-port VoIP PBX solution that converges packet, voice, and IP connection technology with feature-rich PBX functionality in one, single solution. This IP Enterprise Communications System (IPECS) offers 4 analogue lines or 2 basic rate connections, 4 SIP trunks and 24 extensions. Only a 32 port system is available.

Offered on a variety of devices (ranging from wireless cordless handsets, and wireless Wi-Fi handsets to a full range of IP addresses and third-party SIP softphones), SBG gives you a complete “Office in a Box” solution by allowing you to link up to 48 PCs to the solution. You can also provide broadband internet access to all users by connecting an ADSL modem with 3G backup. SBG is capable of networking, which means you can connect other business branches to the main office VoIP PBX system.

With call reporting, budget management functionality and lighting protection units (included as a standard feature, to protect the hardware investment, and network infrastructure), the easy-to-install SBG is your complete VoIP PBX solution.

How Will the Smart Business Gateway Benefit My Business?

Manage calls effectively

  • Call forwarding, parking, pick up, and transferring allows you to attend to your customers’ calls efficiently and effectively.
  • When employees are unavailable, manage calls with auto attendant, voice mail and the answering machine to direct callers to different extensions. Or use call waiting, dial-by-name, do-not-disturb, hold/recall, decision support systems, and intercom functionality.
  • Distribute calls with incoming line queuing, delayed incoming line ring and more
  • Get quick access to frequently dialed numbers with speed dial, last number redial and message wait/call back
  • Differentiate between functional groups or departments when directing calls with the Station Groups and Flexible Number feature

View records and control budgets

  • Manage your calls by connecting with TelTrace Office and Office Pro – web-based software applications that allow you to generate user-defined reports on the system call patterns. Similarly, the Business Credit Manager app will allow you to manage extension budgets by restricting outgoing calls once you’ve reached your set call limit.


  • Retrieve previous discussions for training purposes, and minute-taking with the on- demand call recording feature.
  • Provided as a separate server, an IP Call Recording system offers robust call recording at extension or SIP Trunk level. Recordings are encrypted and can be stored locally, on removable devices or on the network location.

Collaborate easily

  • The third-party conferencing system allows for smaller teleconference meetings and collaboration

Get support

  • For soft phones. Now, you can make and receive calls using your computer, the soft- phone client and a headset,
  • For VoIP services. We offer cost-effective and scalable VoIP technology.


  • Hook up any USB storage device and anyone on the local area network (LAN) will be able to view the device as central storage media. An integrated printer server also offers a central print facility for all PCs connected to the LAN.


  • Connect to an internet source and devices via a wired and wireless network.
  • SBG allocates IP addresses and delivers network configuration parameters for both wired and wireless devices.

Extend your reach

  • Offering mobile extensions and IP Fax Relay, you can expand your reach beyond just fixed voice.

Why Choose



We have experience in premise-based PBX solutions and have countrywide technical support to assist you quickly when you need help


We have included comprehensive maintenance in our term contracts


We have structured the product to give you the best value. Choose between flexible and affordable financing options with a two to five-year rental contract and an option for outright purchases


It’s an easily scalable and forward-compatible with other systems in the IPECS range, meaning that as your business grows, we can grow your communications system alongside it


We provide voice, data, SIP, and mobile in a single solution

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