Introduction to OpenScape 4000

OpenScape 4000 provides medium to large-sized companies with a converged IP communications solution that uses multiple media devices to carry a variety of traffic types on a single network. Designed for companies with 300 to 100 000 communication network users, OpenScape 4000 offers voice, data and video in one single solution.

What is OpenScape 4000?

Communication systems which allow employees and customers to talk, share and collaborate easily and efficiently are highly valued by companies – and for good reason. Affordable systems that provide easy ways in which to communicate increase workplace productivity and effectiveness.

OpenScape 4000, previously known as HiPath 4000, is such a solution. It is a converged IP communications system designed to link 300 to 100 000 employees with voice, data and video capabilities on a single network. OpenScape 4000 provides users with a rich set of devices with which to connect to the network, mobility choices, unified communications and standards-based integration with applications and systems critical to business.

OpenScape 4000 also offers a built-in assistant and set of system management applications that provide easy-to-use and comprehensive management capability to employees that administer the system. This, coupled with its strong global presence makes OpenScape 4000 a powerful communications solution. Also available is OpenScale Services, which offers managed services, user training, maintenance and improved security services.

How Will OpenScape 4000 Benefit My Business?

Always be connected

• With the One Number Service. This guarantees that users can be reached via a single number on all their devices.

Seamless integration

• Makes it easy for employees to manage their presence status and their preferred device list

Improved security

• OpenScape Cordless Enterprise reduces the security threat of people listening in on your calls.

Virtualise with peace of mind

• VMware vSphere ESXi 5 lowers the total cost of ownership by virtualising architecture.

Why Choose BCX?


Feature rich UC functions for large converged markets


DECT system with up-to-date encryption standard


One management platform for single and network systems

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