More About Hosted Communications Suite

The HCS solution comprises two components – the Management Suite and Unified Communications System.

Management Suite

The Management Suite provides management systems that focus on operational efficiency and customer service, from initial implementation and activation to ongoing service assurance. Combining best-in-class tools from different functional domains (apps, network and data centre), the Management Suite gives you optimal control and advanced automation.

The Management Suite adheres to many tele-management standards and is therefore more rreadily integrated into existing Operation-Support-Systems and Business-Support-Systems. The applications and tools reside in our Cape Town data centres.

The collaboration environment will be managed and monitored using remote tools, similar to the support mechanisms used in the Wide Network Area (WAN) environment.

Unified Communications System

The Unified Communications System consists of:

Service fulfilment and Billing: This gives you an IP telephony solution, and acts as a domain manager, providing all the service fulfilment capabilities required to get you up and running.

Service Assurance: This provides you with fault and performance management, with a major focus on fault management. Key functionalities include event management, event normalisation, root-cause analysis, service impact analysis, and more.

Voice and Video as-a-service: This helps your employees communicate with sophisticated voice services based on VoIP. Your staff can collaborate with video calling and conference capabilities, all delivered from the Cloud.

Voicemail and Integrated Messaging as-a-service: Deliver voicemail and integrated messaging the way you prefer, from an IP phone, mobile phone, or desktop client.

Integrated Messaging (IM) and Presence as-a-service: Find people quickly, simply click to begin an IM session, place a phone call, or easily start a video-conferencing call.

Contact Centre as-a-service: Serve your customers better with a Cloud-based contact centre and help your agents to stay productive with features like intelligent call routing, next-generation agent and supervisor desktops, and support for multichannel, outbound call campaigns and at-home agents.

Mobility as-a-service: incoming IP calls to designated phones, move calls between the desktop and mobile phone, and use corporate call features like conferencing and directories from your mobile device.

Web Conferencing as-a-service: Manage meetings and projects over the web in real time to present, share, or collaborate from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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