What is Converged Voice?

At BCX we offer a portfolio of products related to Converged Communications. One of these is Converged Voice, which will allow you to communicate using fixed line services without installing voice line infrastructure, because the services sit in the cloud.

Converged Voice Includes:

  • Single Number: A fixed line number which sits in the cloud i.e. virtual, without infrastructure. Also include Mobile Hunting to the next available number.
  • Business Circle: Calling within a group of predefined numbers for a fixed rate per line.
  • Converged CSS for Large Enterprises: Manual discounting of calls to mobile numbers based on volumes
  • Fixed to Mobile Optimizer (new, launching next quarter): Flat rate per DN for calls to Telkom Mobile numbers

How Will Converged Voice Benefit My Business?


  • Benefit from the flexibility and scalability of having fixed line functionality that sits in the cloud

Cost Savings

  • Reduce your telephone call costs

Why Choose BCX?


BCX is the only SA provider to offer a virtual fixed line service that sits in the cloud

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