What are Converged Bundles?

At BCX we offer a portfolio of products related to Converged Communications. One of these is Converged Bundles, which allow you to select either from pre-packaged bundles of services and products from our fixed, mobile and cloud deals, or to package your own selection into a tailored solution. You can also add mobile contracts and devices to a fixed line account, which offers you the convenience of a single bill at the end of each month.

Converged Bundles Include:

  • Converged bundles: Prepackaged bundles comprised of existing products and services from the fixed, mobile and cloud portfolios.
  • Business Add-on deals: Mobile contracts including devices that can be added to a customer’s existing fixed line account
  • Tailor-made deals: Customer has the ability to pick and bundle products and services of their choosing from the fixed, mobile and cloud portfolios

How Will Converged Bundles Benefit My Business?


  • Set up your business quickly by choosing a pre-packaged bundle for fixed, mobile and cloud products
  • Manage accounts more easily with a single bill for fixed and mobile usage

Cost Savings

  • Benefit from better rates by consolidating products and services into a bundle

Why Choose BCX?


BCX is the only SA provider to offer you the option of bundling fixed, mobile and cloud products and services

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