Communications Manager

Introduction to Communications Manager

Designed for large business, enterprises and public-service organisations, the IPEC-CM is a UC PBX solution in the Opticon range that integrates voice, data, mobility and standard IP telephony with UC features and functionality. 

What is Communications Manager?

Designed by Ericsson-LG to meet the needs of large businesses, the IPECS-Communications Manager (IPECS-CM) is an IP enterprise communications solution that delivers flexible, reliable and secure communications over an all-IP environment. In addition to standard IP telephony, IPECS-CM also provides high-quality multi-media services, advanced security features and mobility functions.

At the heart of the IPECS-CM solution is the Call Server, an application that manages and sets up calls. The Server has additional modules that provide the interface to the system stations and trunks. The solution is capable of connecting to various types of networks including public and private VoIP networks, the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

IPECS-CM supports up to a maximum of 30 000 ports as well as 255 tenants. Tenants can share common access but can be configured to individual system attendants, numbering plans, speed dials and Central Office (CO) trunks. Easily integrated with known third-party suppliers (Microsoft and Fidelio, for example) and with a full value-add product list (call recording and management, for example), IPECS-CM is your business’s full communications package.

How Will Communications Manager Benefit My Business?

Minimise downtime with two servers

  • With two call servers deployed remotely for disaster recovery purposes, if the main server breaks down, the standby server will automatically take over, minimising downtime.

Add on a full range of services

  • Choose from a full range of value-added service, including Unified Communications Solution support, IP Call Recording, TMS/Billing interface support and much more

Scale up or down

  • The solution offers from 2000 to 30 000 ports.

Stay secure

  • The solution has enhanced security protocols enabled on the Unified Communications Platform 600 which provide state-of-the-art security and cost-savings.

Manage easily

  • The Network Management Solution lets you manage fault information and monitor the real-time status, while maintaining call statistics and databases of multiple end points.

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