Introduction to WAN Optimisation

WAN Optimisation, or Wide Area Application Service (WAAS), relieves the bandwidth constraints experienced on VPN networks and improves the performance of applications by consolidating storage and servers into a centrally managed database, providing remote users with LAN-like application performance.

What is WAN Optimisation?

As businesses with Virtual Private Networks (VPN) approach full network utilisation, applications tend not to work as well or as quickly as they normally do. WAN Optimisation maximises the efficiency of data flow from your branch offices to your data centre or head office. This technology works to increase the speed of access to information and applications.

WAN Optimisation does so by allowing your business to consolidate costly branch office servers and storage into a centrally managed data centre, from which you are able to directly deploy new applications. WAN Optimisation offers remote users a LAN-like application performance, increasing productivity and decreasing frustration.

We actively manage and provide configuration support for WAN Optimisation applications. We are constantly surveying managed-customer-network elements using internal systems, so that we can detect and react on system failures without you having to contact the support desk. If you want to avoid costly bandwidth upgrades, WAN Optimisation is the solution for you.

How Will WAN Optimisation Benefit My Business?

Reduce Bandwidth

  • With our consolidated server and storage, WAN Optimisation reduces bandwidth utilisation and provides a LAN-like responsiveness across the network.

Actively manage

  • You will have the ability to do pre-caching and run print servers

Reduce costs

  • With the central server infrastructure, you will effectively lower your operational and capital expenditure costs.

Reduce costs

  • We survey your managed network elements, and can react to failures without you having to contact support

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