Introduction to VPN Supreme

VPN Supreme is a private network service that connects multiple sites to enable inter-branch business communications. VPNS offers integrated voice, video and data services based on a world-class network.

What is VPN Supreme?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a private network service that connects multiple sites to enable inter-branch business communications. BCX is your one-stop VPN provider – we design, install, maintain and manage the entire VPN solution.

Whether you have multiple branches in one area or throughout the country, BCX will tailor a VPN solution to your needs. We provide world-class VPN connectivity and service, no matter how big or small your business.

BCX’s VPN Supreme (VPNS) offers you a completely outsourced solution, which includes 24-hour technical support and active network management from our world class Network Operations Centre (NOC), which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

How Will VPN Supreme Benefit My Business?


  • With a maintained access network, core network and routers through pro-active network management driven by service level agreements for an end-to-end service, this is your fully outsourced and fully managed IP WAN service.


  • BCX’s online web based reporting portal offers visibility of the exact status and performance of a your network


  • BCX’s VPN Supreme SLA offers you availability, as well as performance commitments. A range of flexible access options are available, which include ADSL, Wireless and Ethernet with appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA’s).


  • There is no need for you to buy any software or hardware as BCX owns, operates and maintains all the VPN equipment on your behalf. As a result, there are no capital costs or technology risks for your organization to carry. We also provide you with various volume and term solution packages to suit your specific needs


  • Improve business efficiency with network reports that allow tracking of availability and performance, including application traffic usage statistics across the VPN


  • Allow staff to access the network from anywhere.Telkom Mobility allows you to connect to your Head Office or Data Centre network remotely over our private network. You can use ADSL, dial-up, ISDN or mobile access.


  • Flexibility with differentiated classes of service that manage traffic types effectively, ensuring that mission-critical traffic receives the required bandwidth throughput and performance


  • Increased network security with Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) which is as secure as a traditional private leased line network

More About VPN Supreme

The VPN Supreme solution consists of different components:

VPNS access technologies and backup options

With BCX, you can choose from ADSL with reactive and proactive management options, VSAT (suited for remote branches outside the terrestrial footprint of BCX’s copper infrastructure), MetroLINK Standard and Direct fibre (and other Ethernet options for higher access bandwidth), primary and backup wireless access with the option of dual sim cards, ADSL backup access options.

Customer Edge Routers

BCX offers various network solutions to enterprise customers including network equipment to enable inter branch business communication. BCX mainly supplies Cisco equipment, including routers, switches, security devices, IP telephony devices, WAAS devices and wireless LAN equipment. BCX also offers customers the option to buy stand-alone equipment and maintenance on these stand-alone CPE, as a value add is optional.

Quality of Service

BCX’s VPN Supreme is based on Cisco MPLS technology and therefore offers the benefits of end-to-end Quality of Service. This ensures maximum throughput of traffic and minimal delay, jitter and packet loss.

VPN Supreme is available with four different Classes of Service (CoS), each designed to support different business applications and latency requirements. This enables the flexibility to prioritise the network traffic and determine the required bandwidth for specific applications.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

BCX’s VPN Supreme SLA offers you availability, as well as performance commitments. The SLA offers the flexibility of selecting from the various availability commitments on a per site basis to support your business requirements. SLAs range from Bronze to Platinum Plus.

Network Management

BCX’s Network Management capabilities are based in BCX’s National Network Operations Centre (NNOC) and focus on three primary functions:

  • Network availability management -Our advanced network management system actively monitors your network availability with its advanced root cause analysis capabilities. Problems are investigated and restored according to your service level guarantees. To assist you in managing the impact on your end users, we will also inform you of any failure, and provide updates until the network failure is resolved.
  • Network configuration management – Our sophisticated monitoring system collects device configurations on a daily basis for all your managed devices enabling us to view and download the latest configurations and also use the system for complex network performance problem diagnostics.
  • Network performance management – We also manage your network performance using information sourced from the network on a continuous basis, utilizing various performance reports including Routers, WAN interfaces and QoS reports.

In addition, VPN Supreme offers you access to our Managed Services Portal, providing you visibility of management information relevant to your specific network service and a view of the active and cleared network availability alarms and the associated trouble tickets.

Why Choose



BCX is one of the leading Wide Area Network (WAN) providers in Africa, with over 590 managed WAN customers (including 80% of the major SA banks) and a combined total of over 25 000 network end points.


A team of experts working on your network – BCX’s VPN Supreme solution is purpose-built for each customer, depending on your operational requirements and business priorities. We also deploy specialised program managers, solutions architects, service managers, system integrators and network administrators to design, build, manage and maintain a network that works for you.


Our solutions are backed by a team of over 100 Cisco certified specialists with extensive design and support skills, as well as highly qualified telecommunication technicians and engineers operating from approximately 250 service centres countrywide. The geographical reach and total bandwidth capacity of our Cisco powered network exceeds that of any other VPN service provider in South Africa.

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