Introduction to SpaceStream Multinational

Our BCX Satellite Services portfolio includes a satellite-based product called SpaceStream, which services multi-location partners beyond the borders of South Africa. It is a fully managed end-to-end satellite connectivity and communications service that offers you a secure and reliable way of connecting to business-critical services, and you can share information between remote locations and business sites. BCX will tailor a solution to fit your specific business requirements, so we design the network to supply only the exact amount of dedicated bandwidth you need at busy peak times.

What is SpaceStream Multinational?

BCX SpaceStream Multinational offers you a reliable, dedicated bandwidth communications service that enables data, voice and multimedia. While we cater for South Africa-based businesses, we are particularly specialised at offering this service to global partners – these would include Wide Area Network (WAN) communications and/or back-up for land based services outside SA borders.
We promise excellent security because we use proprietary transfer protocols that make it impossible for any rogue terminal to “listen in” on your network. Our expertise is particularly relevant for organisations which have several sites and business premises spread across different geographic locations, and which need to be connected to a head office. Our services include full equipment maintenance and support, and pricing is flexible based on your tailored design, traffic demands, and the supporting negotiable Service Level Agreements you negotiate for different network elements.

How Will SpaceStream Multinational Benefit My Business?

Best-in-class Equipment

  • Benefit from the best multiple Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) possible within any specific Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Leverage the flexibility of Internet Protocol (IP) based connectivity that supports all forms of modern communication


  • Start, multi-star or mesh connectivity enable easy geographic expansion without changes to existing networks requiring terrestrial links
  • Increase your productivity levels when you increase bandwidth purchases – improving economies of scale

Security and Speed

  • All the satellite terminals are managed from the BCX central hub, which heightens security levels
  • Rapid deployment is possible even in cases where no network footprint is available

More About SpaceStream Multinational

Currently BCX Spacestream Multinational networks can cater for the following:

Next Generation Networks (NGN) These are packet-based networks capable of providing telecommunication services using multiple broadband, Quality of Service (QoS) -enabled transport technologies.

Internet Protocol

Closed Voice over IP Closed Voice over IP is offered as part of a larger data network. It is closed because it carries voice from your sites to an IP enabled PABX in South Africa, from where it may break out to the cloud. Voice over IP forms part of your data stream, though the voice IP data stream is prioritised to avoid voice jitter.

Connectivity Connectivity can be provided in various configurations – these include:

  • Star : where all terminals communicate only to the hub, and the hub then communicates back to them
  • Mesh: where communication directly between some or all terminals can be added, subject to hub technology permitting
  • Multi-star: typically used in cases where you might requires connectivity from a head office to regional head offices, and from there to regional branch sites. Each region will then be equipped with a star network. Regional head offices are also able to communicate directly between one another, once again, this depends on hub technology permitting such a configuration

Satellite bandwidth is calculated based on your exact, and is leased from third party satellite space segment operators such as Intelsat, Hellassat, and SES.

Equipment The equipment installed at your premises normally includes a 1.2 metre antenna within the Ku-Band footprint, equipped with a relevant Ku-Band radio frequency transceiver. This is mounted using a wall mount, to a wall within line of sight to the satellite and unobstructed by large vegetation or other buildings. An indoor unit is installed with co-axial cables (Inter Facility Link or IFL) – these have no more than 100 metres between them. In some rare cases larger antennas might be required, or an alternative type of mount may be needed:

  • A pole mount: which is a metal pole of suitable height and diameter, embedded into a concrete block, cast into a square hole dug into the ground. The size of the concrete block will depend on the size of the pole, which is in turn dependent on the size of the antenna that needs to be supported
  • A non-penetrating mount: which is a large metal grid structure, weighed down by concrete blocks, normally deployed where it is impossible to fit a wall mount or a pole mount

Network Configuration
Depending on your needs, the network design can accommodate any number of configurations and/or platforms:

  • A point to multipoint network: this connects your head office to branch sites, normally via one of Telkom’s VSAT platforms
  • A point to point or Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) link: which connects one location via satellite to another – terminals may be on-site, or could be located at Telkom teleports, normally by employing satellite modems at both ends
  • A point to multipoint or Multi Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) link: which connects from one location to other premises via satellite – terminals may be on-site, or could be located at Telkom teleports, normally by employing satellite modems at all sites
  • In the case of networks terminating at a Telkom teleport, the total solution is enhanced with one or more ‘backhauls’ – the link/s from the teleport to your premises. These may be on either Diginet, Metro Ethernet or on VPNs – the latter only if you have a VPN across three or more sites.

Cost considerations
Billing and Pricing Elements depend on the design of your network, which might typically include pricing allocated to a combination of the following elements:

  • Hub equipment dedicated for your use
  • Hub equipment shared with other partner networks (bandwidth dependent)
  • A portion of the Radio Frequency Terminal (large hub antenna) and support services at the relevant teleport (bandwidth dependent)
  • Terminal equipment at your premises
  • Satellite space
  • The backhaul (terrestrial link from the hub at the relevant teleport to your head office
  • Licence Fees from the operator in Sub Saharan Africa

Why Choose BCX?


BCX uses C-Band proven technology, which is used in networks all over the world, to deliver satellite connectivity


We offer a reliable service with a fully diverse, meshed national network that doesn’t require terrestrial lines


We are capable of offering our Spacestream Multinational services across Africa

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