Introduction to SpaceStream SMART

Our BCX Satellite Services portfolio includes a satellite-based product called SpaceStream SMART, which offers satellite broadband services, including the internet, and data and voice/fax communications, to areas and rural locations with unreliable or even no terrestrial infrastructure, or areas that have been experiencing cable theft. Our partners include small, medium-sized, and larger public sector players, as well as companies from the retail, health and education industries. You can choose between seven service packages that offer a range of connectivity speeds.

What is SpaceStream SMART?

BCX creates SpaceStream SMART using the Global Virtual Network Operator (GVNO) Ka-band platform, which is powered by the internationally recognised satellite operator Avanti. We offer solutions that overcome the limitations of obsolete or otherwise unsustainable technologies, and can also help you implement temporary access. The product portfolio includes satellite access offering voice and internet, soft cap internet service provision, and tariff pricing.

How Will SpaceStream SMART Benefit My Business?

Reliability And Cost Efficiencies /Icon

  • Rely on an average availability in excess of 100% due to the use of the latest generation Ka-band technology and smaller dishes

  • Leverage the efficiencies of operating on the Ka-band, which means terminals are cheaper to buy and cost less to install and maintain

Choice Through Options

  • Select from a range of seven service packages offering up to 15Mbps high speed download, and 2.5Mbps upload speeds
  • Opt for “volume based billing” (VBB), which allows you to automatically use additional GB data allowances in 1GB increments – these are billed in arrears


  • All the satellite terminals are managed from the BCX central hub, which heightens security levels
  • Rapid deployment is possible even in cases where no network footprint is available

More About SpaceStream SMART

Spacestream SMART boasts a number of top-of-the-range features – these include:

Ka-band technology :

  • Up to eight voice channels per terminal for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which connect back to BCX voice network, which in turn provides Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) connectivity, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, and incorporation into the Hosted Business Telephony (HBT) platform
  • Each of the voice and/or fax lines is furnished with a standard 10-digit telephone number in the exchange area where the SSS is geographically located – lines and internet access can be used simultaneously
  • Internet access is offered at discrete speeds: * 1024 kbps, * 2048 kbps, * 4096 kbps, * 8196 kbps, * 10240 kbps * 15360 kbps
  • Soft cap usage and/or the option to buy additional ad hoc cap when allocated cap is used up
  • Fair Usage Policy on internet data

Value added services that include:

  • Caller ID, Home SMS, Voice Mail, Call forwarding, Call waiting, Call barring, and Auto dial
  • Closer packages, Prepaid packages, and Supreme call
  • Hunting between lines on a terminal
  • Dynamic allocation / re-use of bandwidth amongst all sites
  • Traffic prioritisation
  • Traffic Shaping

Cost considerations-SpaceStream SMART is a published tariffed product, with costs allocated for a combination of the following elements:

  • The installation of terminals, either paid upfront (once-off purchase) with your first invoice or calculated as monthly payments
  • Hosted Business Telephony (HBT) installation
  • Your package access service fee
  • Monthly payments for purchasing your SpaceStream SMART equipment, which is available on terms over one year, two years, three years or five years
  • Monthly payments for buying Hosted Business Telephony (HBT) equipment, which is offered on either two-year, three -year or five-year terms (a one year upfront equipment purchase fee will apply)
  • Call charges at normal terrestrial rates

Why Choose BCX?


BCX uses proven Ka-Band technology that offers cost effective rapid deployment


We offer affordable, flexible packages for bandwidth capacity that delivers internet, voice and data Virtual Private network (VPN) services to any remote location


We offer a rapid rollout of networks with the promise of fast delivery for expansion, including the transfer of terminals from one site to another

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