Introduction to Shared Access to VPNS

Shared Access to VPNS Hosting is a product whereby VPNS customers can access a range of hosting services through our data centre. It is an access medium that allows VPNS customers to take advantage of value added services that are offered through this centre.

What is Shared Access to VPNS?

VPN Supreme Shared Access to Hosting facilitate the use of the high availability shared infrastructure that is available to VPN Supreme customers. As an alternative to dedicated access, Shared Access is a cost-effective way to enhance your experience of the value added services available in the hosting environment. Additionally, active management up to the virtual CE router is supported with a Platinum+ Service Level Agreement (SLA).

This product allows the bundling of the value added hosted services at the Data Centre with VPNS. VPNS customers can therefore access hosted services using a single access line. Because of this, Shared Access is viewed as adding a site – located at the data centre – to your existing VPNS solution.

How Will Shared Access to VPNS Benefit My Business?

Get Value Added Services

  • Direct access to a bouquet of services offered by CyberNest
  • High availability is part of the deal

Simplify Operations

  • Network management and support is centralised
  • View your shared access site via your self-service portal
  • Bandwidth can be easily changed – increases of 1 Mbps up to 1 Gbps

Enhanced Security

  • The platinum Plus Service Level Agreement (SLA) included ensures appropriate security measures are in place to protect your data integrity and network infrastructure
  • Proactive network management with a single point of fault reporting f
  • Our data centre is one of the best in the world

Save On Costs

  • Reduced capital and operational costs
  • Access to Value Added Services at a fraction of the cost
  • Dedicated SLA ensures your needs are met and accommodated without additional contractors

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Most Extensive Network

Our geographical reach is unmatched: we have the biggest scope, from terrestrial infrastructures to cables and satellites.


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Our data centres and the subsequent networks are fully established and offer the very best in security and infrastructure.

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