Introduction to Ready For Occupation Services

Ready For Occupation (RFO) is a service offered in order to prepare your site for a service installation.

These preparations usually include technical and civil changes that are needed to make your site ready for data access products such as MetroLAN, MetroLINK, LAN Connect and other ISDN services.

What is Ready For Occupation Services?

In order for a service installation to be completed certain modifications might need to be made at customer’s site.

Through Ready For Occupation Services we visit your site and ascertain what needs to be done. We then inform you of the technical modifications (i.e. power, earth bars, air-conditioning etc.) needed in order for us to complete the installation.

You will then need to hire contractors to complete the scope of work stated in RFO document – to make things easier for you, this responsibility can be outsourced to us.

How Will Ready For Occupation Benefit My Business?

We Outsource For You

  • We ease the workload by taking full responsibility for all RFO requirements
  • We carry the hassle of finding and hiring contractors

Choose Your Billing Method

  • Through Opex you are either billed a once-off amount or an amount set out over a contract period

Save Costs

  • We carry the risk – we ensure that the requirements are met to RFO specification

More About Ready For Occupation Services

What Does the RFO Service Entail?

Overall RFO as a Service includes the following:

  • We take full responsibility for all RFO requirements on behalf of you and your business
  • We outsource the RFO work to an approved Service Provider
  • We manage the Service Provider to ensure the RFO work is up to our specification
  • We ensure that all specifications and mandatories are met according to the requirements laid out in the RFO specification document

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Our data centres and the subsequent networks are fully established and offer the very best in security and infrastructure.

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