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Multi-Tenant Capability provides the infrastructure you need to deliver high-quality network services within large scale developments that comprise of multiple tenants.

What is Multi-Tenant Capability?

Multi-tenant is a capability to enable the provision of services to BCX customers at multi-tenant sites (shopping malls, business parks, offices) as well as 3rd Party Open Access Fibre Networks (OAFN) i.e Internet Solutions, Vodacom, Dimension Data where the last mile is operated by other service providers.

BCX will be able to deploy all ME-enabled P2P and P2C services over the MTMS capability.

Multi-Tenant Capability is comprised of the following access and solutions:

Multi-Tenant Access: Shared metrolink access to multi-tenant sites from BCX network at the site to deliver services to customers. Terminates at point of 3rd Party NNI.

3RD Party NNI: Interconnection between BCX and 3rd Party service providers.

MTANS (Multi-Tenant Access Network Solution): BCX Open Access Network Solution enables BCX to offer property developers and owners an Open Access Fibre Network (OAFN) in order for other service providers to provide their services over BCX’s last mile infrastructure within a business, office park, shopping mall or gated community on an open access basis, so they can in turn provide their services to their end customers.

The following services can be ordered as part of MTANS:

  • MetroLite (GPON Corporate)
  • MetroDeluxe Silver (MDS – Corporate Ethernet)
  • MetroSupreme Gold (MSG – Corporate Ethernet)
  • MetroElite Platinum (MEP – Corporate Ethernet)

Multi-service: Provision of multiple services over a single CE/PE with local or 3rd Party last mile service provider. (In development to be launched Q3 2017).

How Will Multi-Tenant Capability Benefit My Business?

Deploy Rapidly

  • Deployments can take place as soon as the BCX ME service has been set up.

  • Make BCX your single point of contact for deployment of services.

Provide More, Pay Less

  • Shared infrastructure means shared costs.

  • A single CE device for multiple services reduces complexity as well.

Third Party Choices

  • Give third-party providers exclusivity for the last mile of service. (Interconnection costs apply)

  • Multi-tenant Access Network Solutions offers improved customer service.

  • Multi-tenant Access Network Solution can be deployed and managed end-to-end 24/7.

Add Value

  • Various Value-Added Services available for property developers and service providers with a Multi-Tenant Access Network Solution.

  • Reliability and service are managed and monitored.

  • BCX allows you to run various applications over the network.

More About Multi-Tenant Capability

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

BCX can offer SLAs up to any level that is supported by the last mile service provider network.

The MTMS access supports all Classes of Service (CoS) we currently offer as part of our Metro Ethernet portfolio, namely Real-time, Business Data, and General Data.

Included in Multi-Tenant Capability

  • Multi-Tenant Shared Access
  • Third Party Interconnection
  • Third Party Last Mile Access
  • Bandwidth

Additional and optional components

Should the end user need speeds of more than 100Mbps, a dedicated fibre link will be implemented. A redundant link with Platinum SLA can be provided at an additional fee.

This is how the pricing structure is set up:

  • Monthly cost for renting Multi-Tenant access
  • A once-off fee for installation and configuration of each third party (subject to change depending on service or network provider)
  • A once-off fee for any change or amendment to configuration
  • Last mile access charges for each third party
  • Network to Network Interconnection Port Charges (NNIPC) for each third party
  • Services and bandwidth charges over and above rental
  • Recurring monthly last mile service fees are subject to change based on the service or network provider

Why Choose BCX?


BCX is a leading network and connectivity provider in Africa


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that can be adapted for any size location


We offer solutions that cost effectively provision third-party services across multiple locations, and offer consistent, secure access to data and information

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