Introduction to MetroLINK

MetroLINK is an effective, high-speed connection between two customer sites.

MetroLINK is used for better access to voice applications and for video streaming, as well as supporting mission critical business applications that rely on high bandwidth.

What is MetroLINK?

The MetroLINK service provides a Layer 2 connectivity over the Metro Ethernet. It is available as a point-to-point service or as a point-to-cloud service. Metro LINK offers end-to-end bandwidth in the following ranges and multiples:

  • 1 – 125 Mbps in multiples of 1 Mbps
  • 125 – 600 Mbps in multiples of 5 Mbps
  • 600 Mbps – 1 Gbps in multiples of 100 Mbps

How Will MetroLINK Benefit My Business?

Scale As Your Business Grows

  • Bandwidth upgrade can be easily provisioned via software configuration
  • Bandwidth on the Metro Ethernet network is scalable in increments from 1 meg to 1 gig

Connect Sites

  • Direct connectivity between sites enhances communication
  • Multicasting options means you can communicate through a variety of platforms

Get Great Service and Support

  • The ME network is Quality of Service (QoS) enabled and offers bandwidth Class of Service (CoS) allocation that is scalable
  • Our technical team are available 24/7
  • Choose a Service Level Agreements and put deliverables in place

Define your Business Needs

  • You choose the bandwidth and therefore the costing: it is a cost-effective solution if you need high bandwidth
  • Business communications are enhanced through VPNS, VoIP, VPNC, EI and TI-DIS

More About MetroLINK

MetroLINK Point-to-Point

  • As a point-to-point (P2P) Ethernet service, MetroLINK provides bandwidth options of 1-1000 Mbps on a Quality of Service (QoS) enabled shared infrastructure (Metro Ethernet). There is no issue with distance, as the service can operate intra- and inter-regionally. Metro LINK comes with Bronze and Silver Availability Service Level Agreements.

MetroLINK Point to Cloud

  • Point to Cloud services – namely VPNS, VPNC, VoIP Connect, TI-DIS and Enterprise Internet – are implemented using an instance of the IP Network Access via Metro Ethernet (IP-ME) Technical Service Component (TSC). The IP-ME TSC defines a point-to-point Ethernet Access (E-Access) service using the Telkom Metro Ethernet (ME) network. The ME network is a Layer 2 technology that delivers cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for metropolitan-area network (MAN) and wide-area network (WAN) applications.

Services Available on MetroLINK

  • Real Time (RT): This class of service is suitable for applications such as voice and video traffic (e.g. video conferencing) that are time sensitive. Voice traffic refers to “on-net voice traffic among enterprise locations – remote or branch offices, warehouses and the like. Off-net voice traffic to destinations outside the company offices will still go via the PSTN.
  • Business Data (BD): Intended for mission critical data applications that are interactive or time dependent such as databases and interactive ERP and CRM applications. Also for business-class data applications such as workgroup messaging and other client/server. Typical applications include SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Telnet, Intranet Web Exchange, Groupwise, Lotus Notes and File/Print Sharing.
  • General Data (GD): Best effort delivery intended for non-mission critical applications such as Internet browsing and email that are tolerant to delay and packet loss. Typical applications include email, general internet use and FTP sites.

What Equipment Will Be Supplied?

  • We will supply and manage all Terminal Connection Equipment (TCE) for the solution. We will supply the TCE at each site, This will connect to the ME network. The TCE is supplied with a built-in GigE cards.

Why Choose



Most Extensive Network

Our geographical reach is unmatched: we have the biggest scope, from terrestrial infrastructures to cables and satellites.


Business Insight Specialists

We are the leading ICT solutions and service provider in the country. Service excellence is centred around solving your business needs.


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We can offer a full 360 packaged solution for any size business, in any sector.


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Our data centres and the subsequent networks are fully established and offer the very best in security and infrastructure.

Product Plan Variations

MetroLINK Direct Fibre

For customers with very high bandwidth options

MetroLINK Standard Access

Caters for bandwidth requirements from 1Mbps to 4Mbps


Included for customers terminating in a co-located environment

MetroLINK Standard Access

Offers bandwidths from 1Mbps to 4Mbps (this is viewed as the preferred alternative to Diginet).

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