Introduction to LAN Connect

BCX’s LAN Connect service employs existing available access technologies to deliver a cost-effective, resilient and reliable point-to-point LAN interconnect service.

By offering the service independent of the access medium, and off existing networking platforms, the cost to the customer is substantially reduced and the need for capital investment in infrastructure is minimised.

What is LAN Connect?

LAN Connect is deployed as a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint service. Each service is identified as unique and bandwidths range from 1Gig up to 100Gig.

The LAN Connect service is a secure, versatile and scalable interconnection or extension of Local Area Networks (LANs). It is independent and seamless to any transport technologies. LAN Connect offers a complete and affordable solution with ready-to-use interfaces.

The high bandwidth Layer 2 network is ideal for extending a company’s network to a Data Recovery site or to other branches of the company.

How Will LAN Connect Benefit My Business?

High Speed Interconnectivity

  • Speeds range from 1 GB to 100 GB
  • Point-to- point or multi-point service
  • Scale as your business grows

Exceptional Service

  • Because we own the networks and the cable set up we are able to offer you the best service and the best prices

Costs Reduction

  • Working off LAN means you benefit from existing networks and don’t need to invest in setting up your own system
  • Moving to an OPEX model means upfront billing and a monthly rental fee

Great Service Availability

  • The optional Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available at a premium as part of your rental. Provision of this service follows a Customer Specific Solution (CSS)

More About LAN Connect

What makes LAN Connect such an advanced product?

  • LAN Connect makes use of leading technology to provide the high-speed, high-availability interconnectivity
  • Equipment is engineered to drive efficiency

Why Choose BCX?


Most Extensive Network

Our geographical reach is unmatched: we have the biggest scope, from terrestrial infrastructures to cables and satellites.


Business Insight Specialists

We are the leading ICT solutions and service provider in the country. Service excellence is centred around solving your business needs.


Best In Class End-To- End Solutions

We can offer a full 360 packaged solution for any size business, in any sector.


Unmatched Data Centre and Infrastructure

Our data centres and the subsequent networks are fully established and offer the very best in security and infrastructure.

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