FastNet Wireless Access and Backup

Introduction to FastNet Wireless Access and Backup

FastNet Wireless Access and Backup is a wireless access connection and Virtual Private Network (VPN) service solution.

It is ideal for areas where copper theft is an issue or there is a lack of fixed line access and is mainly used by customers who require a wireless backup solution.

What is FastNet Wireless Access and Backup?

Through FastNet a virtual private network (VPN) is created for each customer. This will enable you to connect branch sites on a wireless network and ensure you never lose data.

There are four service offerings to choose from:

  • FastNet Primary Access to VPN Supreme: can be used as Primary Access to our IP network. This allows us to enhance your current VPN Supreme product offering with a wireless primary access solution
  • FastNet Backup to Managed ADSL: can be used as Backup to our managed ADSL line
  • FastNet Backup to Managed ADSL: can be used as Backup to a fixed line primary circuit connected to your VPN Supreme solution
  • FastNet VPN Solution (standalone VPN offering): can be used to provide you with a complete FastNet VPN solution. This is a stand-alone VPN offering that does not integrate into our network

How Will FastNet Benefit My Business?

Improve Security

  • A VPN is created for each customer – your connection is secure and private
  • This allows branch sites to connect wirelessly to their corporate VPN on the FastNet backbone

Backup Constantly

  • Wireless access service is provided via two separate operators ( Vodacom and MTN) using dedicated APNs – your data is always protected

Increase Productivity

  • A reliable connection means you do better business, faster
  • No issues with cable theft – therefore no downtime

Expand Into New Areas

  • Areas with no landline infrastructure can be incorporated into the business network using wireless

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Our geographical reach is unmatched: we have the biggest scope, from terrestrial infrastructures to cables and satellites.


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