Cisco Professional Services

Introduction to Cisco Professional Services

Cisco Professional Services is the service that assists you when you need work to be done outside the normal scope of our offerings.

Professional Services are infrequent, technical, or unique functions that are needed to enhance your current portfolio or to better use products and services. These functions are provided by highly- qualified specialists.

What is Cisco Professional Services?

Professional Services allows us to maximise the performance of existing products. These services create additional value for you as they are specific and are provided according to your specifications or scope.

Professional Services are based on the skills of highly specialised and certified networking professionals using highly-priced, specialised network analysis and measurement equipment.

Professional Services are offered at four levels:

  • Tier 0: work conducted at Technical level
  • Tier 1: work conducted at System Administrator level
  • Tier 2: work conducted at System Integrator level
  • Tier 3: CCIE Work conducted at Cisco Certified Internetworking Engineer level

How Will Cisco Professional Work With A Highly Skilled Team

Work With A Highly Skilled Team

  • Werecommend the most qualified person forthe task
  • Their skill set will match yourscope and specification

Get Up To Date Reports

  • You will receive a detailed report that analyses and interprets data, draws conclusions. This will include a recommendation for action going forward

Perform Better

  • You will enjoy the benefits of a Network Optimisation and Profiling Network analysis
  • By being able to request additional services you can outperform competitors

Get Expert Support

  • Services include support such as reports, advise and access to the best professionals and support in the country

More About Cisco Professional Services

Four Levels

Professional Services are offered at four levels:

Tier 0: Work conducted at Technical level

  • This consists of the Field Operations staff who are responsible for on-site tasks such as maintenance and provisioning of the customer network. E.g. the replacements of Routers.

Tier 1: Work conducted at System Administrator level

  • This is the support level designated for Surveillance, Analysis and Network Administration (NA). They are required to analyse and respond knowledgeably and rapidly to anomalies, weaknesses, or deterioration in the network or at customer’s equipment. Issues are either noticed by the customer or detected as a result of alarms on the Management Platform.

Tier 2: Work conducted at System Integrator level

  • This is an established group of highly skilled and experienced personnel who provide high-level support to Tier 0/1 and/or to the customer. They are knowledgeable about all technologies and are the only interface with vendors.

TIer 3: CCIE Work conducted at Cisco Certified Internetworking Engineer level

  • This consists of a group of highly skilled experts who are Cisco certified to provide the specified service. E.g. this may include an expert who specialises in routing, switching or voice and security.
  • Professional Services consists of additional services that are offered by us only and does not include 3rd party services that were provided through other partners.

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Highly skilled support group

A support group is available as part of the service – endorsed Cisco specialists are there to help you.


Business Insight Specialists

We are the leading ICT solutions and service provider in the country. Service excellence is centred around solving your business needs.


Best In Class End-To-End Solutions

We can offer a full 360 packaged solution for any size business, in any sector.


Unmatched Data Centre and Infrastructure

Our data centres and the subsequent networks are fully established and offer the very best in security and infrastructure.

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