Telkom Insurance

Introduction to Telkom Insurance

Insure your cell phones, tablets, dongles, routers and other mobile devices against loss, theft or accidental damage with our competitive Insurance Solution.

What is Telkom Insurance?

Telkom Insurance offers peace of mind in the event of the loss, theft or accidental damage of your mobile devices. Insurance limits your risk and allows you to either replace or repair your Telkom mobile products without incurring unforeseen costs.

Underwritten by Mutual and Federal, an authorised financial services provider, Telkom Insurance policies are administered by Finrite Insurance administrators. For simplicity purposes, we include the insurance premiums as part of your bill. In the event of a claim, you will pay the excess directly to Finrite Insurance Administrators.

Telkom offers a variety of premiums to suit a variety of different needs. The premiums and excess (first amount payable) are based on the recommended retail price of the mobile devices insured. Please see below for more information.

How Will Telkom Insurance Benefit My Business?

Reduce risk

  • Insure your mobile devices against theft, loss or accidental damage


  • Repairing or replacing devices can be an expensive exercise. With our Insurance product, you will not have to worry about unforeseen and unbudgeted costs.

Pay less

  • Our insurance premiums are hugely competitive in the marketplace

Why Choose BCX?


We have a variety of insurance premium offerings available that will reduce the risk associated with replacing or repairing lost, stolen or damaged mobile devices.

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