Introduction to Enterprise Sponsored Bundles

Decide upfront what your monthly mobile bill will be with Enterprise Sponsored Bundles; a highly customisable service that allows you to determine the monthly mobile allocations and spend of your employees.

What are Enterprise Sponsored Bundles?

Enterprise Sponsored Bundles enable you to tailor voice, data and SMS bundles according to the needs of your business, specific job functions and seniority levels of your staff.

Promising peace of mind and predictability, Enterprise Sponsored Bundles allow you to determine usage limits in units (voice, data, SMS) at the beginning of the month, adjust or restrict allocations during the month and ‘return’ units that have not been used – eliminating wastage and reducing cost.

With Enterprise Sponsored Bundles, you will receive one bill and make one payment on an amount you have predetermined, meaning you will have no unpleasant bill surprises at the end of the month.

Enterprise Sponsored Bundles have been designed for simplicity – you are easily able to understand, create and manage numbers while deciding on allocations upfront. After viewing the real-time usage during the month, you are also able to reduce or increase units, depending on your requirements.

How Will Enterprise Sponsored Bundles Benefit My Business?

Peace of mind and predictability

  • Determine your bill upfront and make one payment. With this service, there are no nasty bill surprises.

Make changes on the fly

  • Real-time viewing of usage allows you to make changes where necessary.

Reduce wastage

  • Any unused units will not be billed for

Simple to use

  • It is easy to create and manage allocations to members

Universal product

  • This one value add service allows any organisation to create their own packages with bundles sized to suit their specific needs

Why Choose BCX?


We have created an innovative solution which allows you to determine your monthly mobile bill upfront, reducing the overall costs associated with mobile telephony.

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