Reverse Bill URL

Introduction to Reverse Bill URL

BCX partners with Telkom, to offer the Reverse Bill URL (RBU) service, so that you can enable colleagues, customers, or clients to use your website or mobile app, or download content free of charge. You could compare it to making a reverse charge telephone call – except with RBU you cover the user’s data costs for them. The Reverse Bill URL service therefore enables your organisation to pay the data costs for anyone with a mobile device, on the Telkom mobile network, to access your website, mobile application, or portal from their smartphone or tablet – essentially making your platforms free of data charges.

What is Reverse Bill URL?

Reverse Bill URL offered by BCX is available on a month-to-month basis, with no setup costs or monthly subscription fees at a fixed charge of only 8c per megabyte (MB) of data. This makes it attractive for short promotions, and for peak periods such as exam time at universities, seasonal sales at retailers, or content giveaways, such as wallpapers or free videos. As a BCX partner, you can choose an unlimited number of URLs to add to your Reverse Bill URL service, either for a fixed period, or on an ongoing basis.

How Will Reverse Bill URL Benefit My Business?

Pass On Data Cost Savings

  • Enable customers, students, or colleagues to use your website or mobile app, or download content, free of charge

  • Leverage promotional opportunities that require data usage

  • Enable cost-free data uploads and downloads for colleagues who are away from the office

Low Prices

  • Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month service you can cancel at any time

  • Bypass initial setup fees

  • Eliminate monthly maintenance or subscription fees

  • Enable budgeting with all usage billed at a flat rate of R0.08 per MB of data

Volume Benefits

  • Get as many URLs as you need

  • Select multiple URLs or IP addresses for your private company portals

  • Add or remove URLs whenever you need to

Why Choose BCX?


BCX Reverse Bill URL is a truly unique service that is only offered as a commercial service through our partner, Telkom


We offer flat rate billing so you can budget for data costs


We provide as many URLs as you need

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