Introduction to Mobile Hunting

Never miss a call from a customer again with Mobile Hunting; a value-added service which provides a hunting solution on mobile devices, so any available employees can answer incoming office calls remotely, from any phone.

What is Mobile Hunting?

If you or your staff spend a lot of time on the road or out of the office, you may find that you are missing some important business calls.

With Mobile Hunting, your employees can be contactable through a single virtual fixed-line number that is linked to up to 20 mobile and fixed-line numbers. Customers can contact your business on the main ‘trigger’ number (that looks like a normal, geographic fixed-line number) and if the call is left unanswered, it will be automatically forwarded to the linked numbers until the call is answered.

Not only does this benefit your business – as you are always contactable, no matter where you are – but it also benefits customers, who will not have to find and make expensive mobile calls to get in touch. Choose between three call-forwarding options that best suit your business’s needs.

How Will ADSL and VDSL Benefit My Business?


  • Routing unanswered landline calls to a multitude of linked phones means you will never miss out on a business opportunity again


  • Your virtual number will always be reachable regardless of disruptions


  • With a geographic landline number, your business appears more credible


  • Customers will never receive an engaged tone
  • No need to advertise multiple business numbers

Flexible and scalable

  • Easy to maintain
  • Effortlessly add or remove numbers to and from the service via the self-service portal

Improve customer experience

  • Customers will call the business on the main trigger number and always reach someone in your business, whether in the office or on a mobile.
  • Customers will only pay for a call to a landline number

More About Mobile Hunting

The Trigger Number and Prefix:

Order the Mobile Hunting service and you will be allocated a new virtual fixed-line number, which will serve as the trigger number. This number cannot be an existing mobile or fixed-line number. It is a new number generated and allocated systematically.

Although you cannot choose a specific number, you may choose a specific virtual prefix, based on where you are located. For example, 011 for Johannesburg, 031 for Durban or 021 for Cape Town.

Your virtual landline number is then linked to a list of up to 20 pre-defined Telkom numbers (a Hunt Group) – both landline and mobile. Any unanswered calls to this trigger number will be diverted to an available person in the Hunt Group. The call will keep diverting until the call is answered.

Choose between three call-forwarding options:

  1. Sequential ringing: Calls are delivered in a fixed order, starting with the first user listed in the Hunt Group. If the first user is not available, the call will divert to the next user’s cellphone or landline number.
  2. Cyclic ringing: Calls are delivered in a fixed order, starting with the next available user on the list. With this option, calls are evenly distributed between users.
  3. Parallel ringing: All numbers linked to the Hunt Group ring at the same time.


Charges Incl. VAT Once-off R30 Monthly rental R282,80

A monthly rental is charged for the Hunt Group, irrespective of the number of phones linked. We do not charge per individual linked number. There will be no additional call forwarding charges when hunting between numbers, provided the calls are being forwarded to Telkom mobile or fixed-line numbers.

Self-Service Portal:

You can add or remove linked numbers, or change your preferred call-forwarding option by using an easy-to-use customer portal. These changes are free of charge.

Why Choose BCX?


We have designed a product that allows you to manage all incoming calls, no matter where you are. This solution ensures customers can call employees on their mobile phones or landlines through a single contact number.

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