Mobile Data Top Up Bundles

Introduction to Mobile Data Top Up Bundles

BCX helps you manage your organisation’s data costs through the flexibility and convenience of purchasing additional data bundles once your colleagues allocated data has been depleted. You can enable them to add data from as little as 25MB, up to 100GB, to any Telkom mobile data or voice plan. The Top Up bundles are easy to purchase, and there is a choice between a once-off bundle and a recurring bundle. Using Mobile Data Bundles is a smart way to control spending on data in your company, whether you are a small business or global enterprise.

What are Mobile Data Top Up Bundles?

Top Up bundles from BCX are available to anyone on a Telkom Contract or TopUp voice or data plan. They are All Network bundles, which means colleagues are able to connect to the internet on our roaming partner networks if they are out of Telkom mobile coverage areas.

Bundles are simple to purchase, using either the USSD system on a smartphone, the Telkom App, or the Telkom website. The cost is simply added to a bill at the end of the month, so you can easily track company usage.

How Will Mobile Data Top Up Bundles Benefit My Business?

Never Run Out of Data

  • Choose the sizes of bundle from 13 options, from just R7.25 for 25MB, to R3 199 for 100GB

  • Select once-off or recurring bundles so colleagues do not have to remember to recharge each month

  • Extend data availability with a 20GB bundle valid for six months

  • Get 50GB and 100GB bundles that are valid for 12 months

Easy to Purchase

  • Colleagues can top up using USSD from a smartphone, or from the Telkom Portal or Telkom App

Roaming Data

  • All Network Data means colleagues can connect on both Telkom and roaming partner’s networks

Why Choose BCX?


BCX offers low cost data top up bundles so that colleagues never run out of data


We provide all network data, so colleagues can connect and use data anywhere


We make Top Up bundles available to users who are contract or prepaid Telkom customers


We make it easy to buy a top up bundle, either through USSD, the Telkom website, or the Telkom App

Plan Variations

25MB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

50MB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

100MB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

250MB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

500MB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

1GB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

2GB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

3GB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

10GB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

5GB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

20GB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

  • Internet Bundle is valid for six months from the date of activation

50GB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

  • Internet Bundles are valid for 12 months from the date of activation

100GB PrePaid Data Bundles


Once off

  • Internet Bundles are valid for 12 months from the date of activation
  • Prepaid bundles can be added on to any mobile contract, whether voice or data
  • Recurring and once-off bundles expire at the end of the following calendar month

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