Enterprise Mobility Management

Introduction to Enterprise Mobility Management

Embrace business mobility with Enterprise Mobility Management, a set of processes and technologies which enables your employees to work from anywhere while still enjoying safe and secure access to your corporate network.

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Work habits are fast changing, as more people are working out the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to complete their work.

Enterprise Mobility Management seeks to improve the functionality of mobile staff by granting them safe and secure access to the corporate network.

Traditionally, employees have been unable to use corporate-based applications using mobile devices because of a lack of IT resources, or because of restrictions based on fears of compromised security. Enterprise Mobility Management makes it easy for your IT department to deploy Cloud-based solutions to a variety of mobile devices, no matter the operating system, manage the content and secure the network.

How Will Enterprise Mobility Management Benefit My Business?

Mobile Device Management

  • Management is conveniently centralised and accessed via a cloud-based portal
  • Remotely secure, monitor and manage applications, data and configuration settings no matter the mobile operator or mobile device (smartphones, tablets, laptops).
  • Applies to employee-owned or company-owned devices.

Mobile Application Management

  • Organisations can now control users and devices that come in contact with the corporate network.
  • Black and whitelist applications, update management and view app usage analytics from mobile devices used by your staff

Mobile Content Management

  • Management of features such as secure email, calendar, document management software integration, file sharing and remote access.

Tight Security

  • Keep corporate data protected with reliable security settings: encrypt data, allow for a single sign on and prevent data loss and remotely wipe applications when necessary.

Employee flexibility

  • Employees who are more familiar with their own devices are now enabled to use them.

Reduced investment and costs

  • Organisations can now leverage on employees’ mobile devices with ability to track costs.

Why Choose BCX?


We have partnered with industry-leading Enterprise Mobility Management providers (Blackberry; Samsung; Citrix and B-Cubed Software) to bring you a comprehensive solution, suitable for all business types.


We are the only truly end-to-end ICT services provider to ensure our solutions integrate with your current infrastructure to enable your digital future.


Our cloud-based solutions lowers IT costs for our customer

Product Plan Variations

Samsung Knox EMM Samsung

This end-to-end solution allows IT admins to manage Android and iOS devices using a cloud-based console and on-device secure workspace on approved Samsung devices.

IT admins can satisfy EMM security requirements without compromising the privacy of employees on both employee-owned and company-owned, personally enabled devices.

IT admins can also deploy, manage and control access to mobile apps using whitelist and blacklist capabilities.

XenMobile by Citrix

Manage mobile devices, apps and data with this comprehensive solution.

This solution provides you with a unified corporate app store, including emails, browser, data-sharing and support apps, from which you can access all your mobile, Software as a Service (Saas) and Windows apps with a single click.

IT admins will get complete control over mobile devices (both employee- and corporate-owned) with full configuration, security, provisioning and support capabilities.

A variety of deployment options allows IT admins to manage XenMobile in the cloud or on-premise.

With XenMobile, users enrol their devices, allowing IT admins to provision policies and apps to those devices automatically, blacklist or whitelist apps, detect and protect against devices on which restrictions are removed, troubleshoot device and app issues and wipe or selectively wipe a device that has been stolen, lost or is not in compliance.

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite- By BlackBerry

Is a mobility management solution for secure device, application and content management, with integrated security and connectivity, for BlackBerry, iOS and Android. Deploy, manage and control both corporate and BYOD device users through a simple unified console.

BlackBerry EMM solution will help you manage mobile devices for your organization to protect business information. Keep mobile workers connected with the information that they need and provide administrators with efficient business tools.

Mobile ToolBox By B-Cubed

Provides both end-users and administrators comprehensive control over corporate-owned Android smart devices remotely, to ensure device, content and usage security.

Manage the loading and accessing of applications remotely and simultaneously. Regulate the loading of unapproved apps and manage data within. The IT department can remotely deactivate and wipe the device to ensure security of data when an employee loses their device.

The in-depth reporting function enables administrators to extract key data intelligence from the tablet/s and provides a mechanism to track/measure project success.

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