SpaceStream Multinational

Introduction to Spacestream Multinational

SpaceStream Multinational (SSM) is a satellite-based broadband product made of a combination of data, voice and multimedia connections.

It is typically used by businesses that have geographically-dispersed branches in different parts of Africa.

What is Spacestream Multinational?

SSM is chosen when terrestrial connections are unavailable or do not meet your capacity needs. These connections are organised in star, mesh or multi-star configurations and connect branches and head office locations in various organisations.

We create a customised network configuration for you and offer an end-to-end service from set up, to equipment maintenance and support.

Pricing and service agreements are competitive and can be scaled. The agreement takes into account which configuration you need, as well as the applications and traffic that will run through the network.

How Will Spacestream Multinational Benefit My Business?

Expand into New Territory

  • Move into new locations without needing to set up terrestrial links
  • Depending on the satellite line of site, the connection can be set up within few hours

Benefit from the Best

  • Work off the best-in-class equipment platforms
  • All modern communication applications are supported

Choose the Connectivity that Suits You

  • All connectivity is IP based
  • Choose between star, mesh, or multi-star configurations
  • Choose from a number of private pathways in the wide area network

One Message. Multiple Destinations.

  • Use broadcasting or multicasting to deliver content to one destination or many destinations

More About Spacestream Multinational

SSM works by using Very Small Aperture Terminal technology (VSAT) to build network paths that connect regional branches and the head office, no matter how far apart they are.


Why Choose BCX?


Extremely Secure

All satellite terminals are managed from the central hub – this hub has heightened security and is under surveillance 24/7.


Reliable Connections

Our WAN connectivity system is the most reliable on the continent.


No Landline Infrastructure Needed

Eliminates the need for terrestrial lines.


Geographically Diverse

We operate where no other network footprint is available.

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