SmartAcces Toll Free Solutions

Introduction to SmartAccess Toll Free

With SmartAccess your customers can reach your business by simply dialing one telephone number, irrespective of the number of business sites you have or where they are located

What is SmartAccess Toll Free?

Smart Access is a business’s single non-geographic number solution. There are a multitude of intelligent routing features, enabling you to choose the best support and service to suit your needs. SmartAccess is available in three number and service variations: FreeCall 080, ShareCall 0860 and MaxiCall 0861.

How Will SmartAccess Toll Free Benefit My Business?

Never Miss a Call

  • The SmartAccess admin facility allows you to easily change the call routing destination in the case of an emergency or resource unavailability
  • There are two options available: online or telephonic

Make Your Number Memorable

  • Choose a SmartAccess Golden number and incorporate your business name or service
  • Incoming calls can be diverted to different destinations according to the province the call is coming from

Stagger Calls

  • Distribute calls to a different destination of your choice on specific days of the year
  • The same function can be applied for after hours or on the weekend

Save on Costs

  • Use resources effectively by routing calls to different destinations

More About SmartAccess Toll Free

SmartAccess is offered in three number and service variations:

  • FreeCall 080
  • ShareCall 0860
  • MaxiCall 0861

Why Choose BCX?


Created in 1999, SmartAccess is a well-established and trusted product.


We have added numerous features to the product to suit a variety of unique business needs.


Our platform is extremely reliable, well tested and proven in its capabilities. We have added redundancy to the system so that the failure of one component will not result in the failure of the entire system.

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