Hosted Business Telephony

Introduction to Hosted Business Telephony (HBT)

For small to medium-sized businesses, Hosted Business Telephony is the next generation of enterprise telephony solutions. This convenient and affordable solution provides enhanced Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) over your internet connection, doing away with costly and complex hardware and separate internet and phone lines.

Improve and simplify your company’s communication with Hosted Business Telephony, a feature-rich PABX that is provided over an internet connection.

What is HBT?

Communication remains one of the most vital functions of any business, however traditional on-premise PABX systems are often complicated and expensive to maintain. Hosted Business Telephony (HBT) provides PABX functionalities over your Internet Connection, doing away with expensive hardware, the need for separate internet and phone lines and on-site technicians (thanks to the web-based self-help admin tool). In fact, you could save up to 25 per cent of your PABX spend with HBT.

HBT is perfect for small to medium-sized business and provides you with feature-rich functionality, traditionally only available to big businesses. HBT is scalable and adaptable: you are able to add or remove features as your business evolves, ensuring you are always getting maximum value. Simple to set up (simply plug your state-of-the-art IP phone into your local computer network and internet service), HBT assures you of a “future-proof” communications solution that is delivered and managed from within our carrier grade network.

Available in three feature packs which do everything your traditional on-site PABX does and more, HBT provides hosted PABX-type services that perform call management functions on IP phones, soft clients and legacy handsets. See below for more information

How Will HBT Benefit My Business?

Highly Scalable

  • Add and remove features at no extra cost and only pay for what you use

Enhanced capabilities

  • This is the gateway product to a complete Unified Communications Telephone Management System.
  • Enjoy fixed-to-mobile convergence
  • Enhanced voice service features and UC capabilities

Manage easily

  • The web-based self-help admin tool means you will never need to call a technician on-site again to change your call routing

Save up to 25 per cent on costs!

  • With this solution, there is no need to purchase physical PBX handsets and other hardware
  • There is no need for separate internet and phone lines so you don’t have to spend money maintaining, upgrading, moving or changing the PABX.

Reduce risk

  • Host your PBX in our Business’s world-class data centres.
  • You will always be using the latest version, managed by Telkom

More About Hosted Business Telephony

With HBT you don’t have to worry about capital expenditure on the physical PBX, handsets and other hardware. You no longer need separate internet and phone lines. Say goodbye to spending money maintaining, upgrading, moving or changing your PBX. Reduce your technology risk, lack of scalability and staff inefficiency due to inferior communication technology.

Instead you get: Short and long-term cost savings – you only pay for what you need. You get the features you want and need, and these are simple to set up and manage, putting control into your staff’s hands and increasing their productivity. Adding and moving users is also completely straightforward. A web-based, self-help admin tool replaces the need for technicians on site. In fact, you could be saving up to 25% of your PBX spend with the HBT.

Why Choose BCX?


Our well-developed and unrivalled infrastructure with a reach of 147 000km of fibre access across South Africa as well as award-winning fixed and mobile networks.


We have the experience and expertise to provide you with a hosted solution offering the most cost-effective solution for your needs


Our world-class hosting services are supported by highly-specialised professionals with the largest pool of ICT skills in the country.


Enjoy switchboard functionality without owning a physical switchboard – we host that for you.

Product Plan variations

  • Business Line

    • Entry level
    • Provides simple telephony with a limited feature set to suit most common requirements
    • Free inter-branch calls
    t no extra cost and only pay for what you use

Business Line Plus

  • Ideal for business who cannot miss a call, this pack provides basic services plus voicemail, including voicemail to email
  • Free inter-branch calls

Business Line Premium

  • Comprehensive package
  • Provides standard telephony services and advanced features including call-routing profiles, simultaneous rings and remote office functionality.
  • Ideal for executives, support staff and mobile workers
  • Free inter-branch calls

W52 P

  • Wireless phone
  • Can have multiple handsets


  • Fixed phone


  • Fixed phone
  • 10 Programmable buttons *

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