Business Landline

Introduction to Business Landline

Our traditional business lines come with a multitude of benefits, value added services and prices to suit small, medium and large businesses and enterprises.

What is Business Landline?

Traditional line refers to our Basic Business analogue landline or Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) lines.

Our ISDN range consists of Basic and Primary Rate access. Whether you need a single line or a multiple business line network, we have a solution for your business.

All our lines are available with value added calling plan packages. These packages combine line access rental with improved call rates or inclusive voice minutes for call savings

How Will A Business Landline Benefit My Business?

Gives your Business Creditability

  • Advertising a Business Landline provides prospective customers with the perception that your business is established

Save on Costs

  • Choose from a variety of calling plan packages to further save on call costs and line rental

Professional Conduct and Efficiency

  • Call waiting, Number- Hunting, switchboard capabilities and multiple line networks enhance your business operations and therefore productivity

Reliable Network

  • Our Network is reliable and robust. We also offer free failover solutions for guaranteed business continuity and contingency measures.
  • We have a substantial geographic network coverage

More About Business Landline

Our traditional analogue Business Landline is still the most reliable type of line access. This is a Fixed Voice Access medium and is best for small to corporate business customers who need basic quality voice communication features. It is cost-efficient and easy to use. We provide single or multiple business lines with standard voice capabilities that run between your premises and our network switch. We also provide a range of products and services designed to assist your business and enhance your calling experience.

Basic Line Features:

  • Number-Hunting
  • Multicall (includes Call Answer, Call Forward, Identicall, Basic Voice Mail, Block Call Plus, Mail Manager Plus, Direct-a-Call, Call Waiting)
  • Fixed Like Look A Like (FLLA)
  • Fax-to-Email
  • DoFax

Calls made and received from a Fixed network are stable and significantly cheaper compared to a Mobile network/call. Customers will be required to pay for installation, monthly rental and for calls made. For added value, savings and benefits add a BizTalk or SupremeCall calling plan to the Voice Access Line.


ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network.

Using your phone line, ISDN transfers data much faster than analogue technology. When you need crystal-clear calls over a stable network, with perfect mutual understanding when communicating with your customers and suppliers, you can rely on our ISDN line solutions. This digital dial up access from your premises enables you to make end-to-end digital connections that can support a wide variety of services simultaneously and independently. For call redundancy, add Intelligent Call Forwarding and never miss a call.

We provide added value through:

  • Tailored calling plan offerings are available with pure per-second billing to save on call costs
  • ISDN can be connected to PBX systems to enable national calls on our extensive network
  • ISDN services are also used for video conferencing or faxing

About ISDN features

The ISDN service comprises of B and D channels. B channels (Bearer channel) are used to carry virtually any kind of digital information, such as data, fax, video, and voice. D channels (Delta channel) is used to set up and manage B channel calls by carrying signaling and setup information.

ISDN Products

  1. ISDN Basic Rate Access – ISDN2 + ISDN2a
  2. ISDN Primary Rate Access – ISDN30

Basic Rate Access (BRA) – ISDN2 + ISDN2a

The ISDN BRA service (ISDN2 & ISDN2a) allows different information, such as telephone calls, Internet access, video conferencing and faxes to be transmitted with digital technology more advanced than traditional analogue lines.Two B Channels are available and can be used simultaneously and independently. Supplementary services provide additional functions to your existing ISDN2 BRA service. One such service is Multiple Subscriber Numbers (MSN), which allows up to four additional telephone numbers.

A network terminator (NT) unit will be installed at your premises. Multiple devices may be simultaneously connected to the network terminator, including telephones, personal computers or fax machines. The difference between ISDN2 and an ISDN2a service is the NT unit. An NT1 is installed for ISDN2 service and consists of two digital ports; therefore, only digital equipment may be used (unless a Terminal Adaptor (TA) is purchased to allow connectivity to analogue equipment). For an ISDN2a service, an NT2 is installed, which consists of two digital and two analogue ports (digital as well as analogue equipment will function on the ISDN 2a service).

Primary Rate Access (PRA) – ISDN30

The ISDN30 service offers integrated voice, data, video and image transmission, or any combination thereof, with vastly increased quality and data speeds due to digital transmission. The service provides 30 independent B Channels of 64 kbps and one D Channel of 64 kbps. B Channels are used to carry virtually any kind of digital information. The B Channel calls are seen as normal, independent telephone calls to separate destinations. The D Channel will set up and control these B Channel calls. Our ISDN30 usually terminates on medium to large PBXs with integrated ISDN support, multiplexers or independent Primary Rate network terminators. An ISDN PBX will then provide Basic Rate Access extensions. When using Telkom ISDN30 for voice applications, each Primary link from each PBX can support thirty calls simultaneously. These calls can be to thirty different locations.

By connecting Telkom ISDN30 to an ISDN multiplexer several types of equipment, such as PBXs, Routers and Codecs can be connected to the multiplexer. The multiplexers will allow for bandwidth-on-demand applications, such as video conferencing and LAN interconnections.

ISDN Supplementary Services

  • The following services can be added to the ISDN line to further enhance the service:
  • Direct Dialing Inward (DDI)
  • Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN)
  • Line Hunting on BRA (LH)

Note: The ISDN PRI Technology has reached end of life. We will only offer ISDN PRAs in areas where there is available infrastructure. We urge customers to enquire and make use of the New SIP Trunk technology.

Why Choose BCX?


Crystal Clear Voice Clarity

Because of our extensive network there are no dropped calls.


Business Insight Specialists

We are the leading ICT solutions and service provider in the country. Service excellence is centered around meeting your business needs.


Best In Class End-To-End Solutions

We can offer a fully customised solution for any size business, in any sector.

Product Plan Variations

BizTalk All-Net 250, 400, 700



  • Offered on single lines
  • Total inclusive minutes: 250, 400 and 700 minutes respectively
  • A competitive out-of-bundle rate for national, fixed-to-mobile, specific international destinations and other operator calls billed on a pure-second basis of R0.79 per minute
  • Contract term between 12 and 24 months

BizTalk Unlimited plans: Unlimited Lite and Completely Unlimited

R599 – R1199


  • Offered on single analogue lines
  • Unlimited Lite Plan offers unlimited national call minutes and 500 inclusive fixed-to-mobile minutes
  • A competitive out-of-bundle rate for fixed-to-mobile calls, billed on a pure-second basis at R0.79 per minute
  • The Completely Unlimited Plan gives you unlimited national and fixed-to-mobile calls
  • Contract term between 12 and 24 months

BizTalk Multiline 800 to 2800

R760 – R2650


  • Link between two to four lines on one plan, allowing more than one line to benefit from this calling plan
  • The Plans offer between 800 to 2800 inclusive minutes
  • A competitive out-of-bundle rate for national, fixed-to-mobile, specific international destinations and other operator calls billed on a pure-second basis of R0.79 per minute
  • Contract term between 12 and 24 months
  • Multiline Plans are available on PBX Junction lines and can be used on a PBX system


R7355 – R10320


  • Includes monthly ISDN primary rate (PRI) line rental
  • A competitive out-of-bundle rate for national, fixed-to-mobile, specific international destinations and other operator calls billed on a pure-second basis of R0.79 per minute
  • Contract term between 3 and 5 years
  • Total inclusive minutes: 5000 to 10 000
  • Plan available on line level and only the ISDN PRI line linked to the calling plan will benefit from inclusive minutes and out-of-bundle rates

You will receive 150 inclusive minutes even if you are not on a calling plan or usage discount plan,

  1. Per Second Billing Volume and Term plan
  2. Compatible BizTalk Plans:

ISDN Pricing & Billing:

When applying for ISDN the following charges will apply.

Once-off installation OR conversion charge

  • Free installation is provided if you sign a 12-month term
  • Should you have no line, an installation fee will be charged
  • When you have a normal exchange line and want to convert to ISDN, a conversion charge is applicable

Monthly rentals

  • Separate monthly rental charges apply for residential customers and business customers
  • Monthly rental includes free maintenance


  • ISDN usage is billed at the same call rates as normal analogue lines
  • ISDN is a dial-up service and you will be charged for actual time spent on the B Channels

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