Pocket WiFi

Introduction to Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi is your own personal, secure international connection to the internet. Please note that the device needs to be activated in South Africa prior to international departure.

What is Pocket WiFi?

Pocket WiFi is an affordable, pocket sized mobile hotspot which provides you with global internet access in over 140 countries. It is a low cost pay-as-you-use service that is perfect for business travellers.

Data comes packaged in 50MB daily data bundles and the product includes all SIMs needed to connect to global networks. Pocket WiFi is especially useful for business travellers who need to answer urgent emails while commuting through airports and via train and taxi.

When out of the country, you are able to take all your mobile devices and keep track of your mobile data costs. It is a safe, secure solution that eliminates the worry of finding, or connecting to public WiFi. 
To check coverage, please send a blank email to: coverage@execmobile.co.za.

How Will Pocket WiFi Benefit My Business?

Connect Up To Ten Devices

  • Affordable international data enables your team: they can stay connected to their home network, no matter where they are.

Easy Set Up

  • No installation or set up is needed in remote destinations– simply switch on and connect
  • The device has to be activated in South Africa prior to travelling

Work in 140+ countries

  • We’ve set up access to WiFi and 3G networks in over 140 countries
  • A dedicated connection means you don’t have to worry about public WiFi security issues

Track What You Use

  • A free app allows you to track your usage

Why Choose BCX?


International Access

Through our partnership with our service provider we are able to offer coverage in over 140 countries



Reliable Service

Provides you with convenient internet access whenever you are, without having to find and rely on public WiFi


Safe and Secure

By providing you with a secure connection through our reliable networks you needn’t worry about public WiFi security.


Business Service

As industry specialists we are able to consult and suggest the best business solutions to suit your business.

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