Mobile Voice Minute Bundles

Introduction to Mobile Voice Minute Bundles

Avoid paying out-of-bundle rates on voice calls with our Mobile Voice Minute Bundles – a flexible and convenient service that allows you to add on additional voice minute bundles when the inclusive minutes on your current Telkom plans have depleted.

What are Mobile Voice Minute Bundles?

With Mobile Voice Minute Bundles, you can choose to top up all-network, Telkom mobile, or Telkom fixed-line minutes. Offered as recurring or once-off purchases, voice bundles are available to all post-paid, Top-Up and pre-paid subscribers and can be purchased from the Telkom portal or mobile app. Minutes are charged on a per-second billing basis.

We have structured the bundles so that voice minutes will be depleted from the same calling or bundle type. For example, when calling a Telkom mobile number or landline number, minutes will be used from the Telkom mobile and landline bundle respectively. However, once the minutes on these bundles are depleted, Telkom mobile and landline calls will deplete from the all-network bundle. Once your all-network minutes have run out, calls will be charged at an out-of-bundle rate – unless you top up again.

Purchasing a recurring voice bundle means you are able to carry over unused minutes for a maximum of six months, after which unused bundles will be forfeited monthly, starting with the oldest. Once-off bundles will expire at the end of the next calendar month after activation.

How Will Mobile Voice Minute Bundles Benefit My Business?

Save costs

  • When your inclusive minutes on your current Telkom mobile plan have run out, you are able to purchase top-up bundles to suit your needs. Cheaper than out-of-bundle rates, this solution reduces costs for your business



Choose what best suits your needs

  • Make purchases according to your calling type and behaviour.

More Savings

  • All Voice Minutes Bundles are billed per second.

Why Choose BCX?

Avoid paying out-of-bundle rates on voice calls. Instead choose a top-up voice bundle that will reduce business costs.

Product Plan Variations

Minutes to other networks

  • 25 minutes: R17
  • 50 minutes: R34
  • 100 minutes: R67
  • 200 minutes: R134
  • 500 minutes: R299

Telkom mobile minutes

  • 25 minutes: R10
  • 50 minutes: R20
  • 100 minutes: R30
  • 200 minutes: R60
  • 500 minutes: R100

Telkom fixed-line minutes

  • 25 minutes: R12
  • 50 minutes: R24
  • 100 minutes: R45
  • 200 minutes: R90
  • 500 minutes: R200

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