Mobile Hunting

Introduction to Mobile Hunting

Mobile Hunting is a solution where incoming calls are diverted from a single number to any number of mobile numbers. The call can then be answered by the first available person.

What is Mobile Hunting?

Mobile Hunting is designed for businesses who have employees who generally work from their cellphone and are not in the office. It is ideal for sales or support teams, where employees need to be on the road.

You only need to advertise a virtual fixed-line number. When a potential customer calls, the system is triggered and the fixed-line number hunts for the next available number in the group. There are three call forwarding options to choose from. Customers will therefore never receive an engaged tone and will always reach your business.

Because this solution works off a virtual fixed-line number, it also appears that you are located at a fixed address, which creates a credible and reliable business image.

How Will Mobile Hunting Benefit My Business?

Work off One Number

  • Advertise one number – the virtual fixed-line number provides credibility to a growing mobile business
  • Connecting numbers can be added or removed through the self-service portal

Never Miss a Business Opportunity

  • Ensure customer calls are always answered
  • Call Forwarding options allow you to specify the sequence of who should attend to calls. This sequence can be changed through the self-service portal

You Are Always Available

  • Customers will never receive an engaged tone
  • No need to advertise different mobile numbers

Work Remotely

  • For businesses that operate off mobile phones this service is essential
  • Different branches are connected through a virtual fixed-line number

More About Mobile Hunting

How Does It Work?

When you order Mobile Hunting you are allocated a new virtual fixed-line number. This looks like a normal fixed-line geographic telephone number and acts as a trigger number for the hunting solution. This virtual number cannot be an existing fixed-line or mobile number – it will be a new number and is also allocated systematically, so you cannot choose a specific number. You may, however, decide between a virtual location, i.e. you will be virtually located at a Cape Town 021 number.

This single virtual landline telephone number is then linked to a list of up to twenty pre-defined Telkom fixed or mobile numbers. When your customers call your advertised number, the hunting solution will track down an available person in the Hunt Group to take the call. The call will divert to the next person in the group, until it is answered.

No matter where your employees are in the country, they can be reached through a single number, ensuring that you never miss a business call again. Your business can link multiple phones (landline and mobile) to a single number and you can configure the hunting sequence, according to the needs of your business.

Ringing on Mobile Hunting:

  • Sequential ringing: calls are delivered in a fixed order, always starting with the first user in the Hunt Group. If the first user is not available, the call will jump to the next user’s cellphone or landline telephone number in the Hunt Group
  • Cyclic ringing: calls are delivered in a fixed order, starting with the next available user on the list.In Cyclic ringing calls are evenly distributed between the users
  • Parallel ringing: All the numbers linked to the Hunt Group ring at the same time

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Product Plan Variations

Once-off R30


Monthly Rental

  • Includes changes made to numbers linked, as well as the type of ringing in the group are free via the easy-to-use customer portal
  • There will be no additional call forwarding charges when hunting between linked numbers, provided that these numbers are Telkom mobile or Telkom fixed-line numbers

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