APN(Access Point Name)

Introduction to Access Point Name (APN)

An Access Point Name (APN) is a configuration on a data device which indicates the network to which the device connects to, in the case of the BCX solution, it will be to a private network portal, or another device. By creating APNs for your business, anyone in the company, or even your customers, can connect securely to your private network from anywhere, at any time, to access information and also even applications. APNs can also be used to connect machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions.

What is Access Point Name?

An APN enables corporates to meet the expectations of an increasingly mobile workforce through the benefits of mobile technology, leading to increased agility, flexibility and productivity of your workforce.

Access Point Name (APN) solutions enable you to access your corporate network on the Telkom and roaming partners network providing you with countrywide coverage. When you add an APN to your business network, you are able to:

  • Securely access information from a remote location
  • Share data resources amongst many users, which reduces data costs within your organisation
  • Link multiple machines, for example printers, point of sale terminals, and monitoring equipment
  • Link branches across the country to one another

The different types of APN solutions are:

Corporate APN, which is a private APN, not visible or accessible via the public internet, and therefore totally secure APN Lite, a mobile-device based APN which works off the mobile network, and is best suited for machine-to-machine (M2M) traffic such as retail point of sale terminals, or for application which do not need large amounts of data

How will APN Benefit My Business?


  • Enable colleagues to access information from anywhere

  • Ensure colleagues can use company applications on their mobile devices

  • Connect to the Cloud for internet access


  • Help colleagues to connect securely via a dedicated link to your company network

  • Create secure Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connections

Flexibility and Cost Savings

  • Choose from a number of APN Services

  • Pool data between many devices to control usage

Unlock Revenue Streams

  • Buy data in bulk at reduced prices and resell to your customers

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