Managed Print and Document Solutions

Introduction to Managed Print and Document Solutions

Our Managed Print and Document Solutions provide a holistic ecosystem: merging the physical with the digital to provide your business with cost savings, improved visibility and control, automated processes for increased productivity and enhanced information security. Through our subsidiary, Smart Office Connexion, we are able to assist organisations of any size with solutions that include a host of technologies and services, available on a variety of financial structures, all supported nationwide by our industry leading service operation.

What is Managed Print and Document Solutions?

The Managed Print Solutions (MPS) definition is broad, but the end result is simple: gaining visibility and control of your printing, which helps you save money and boost productivity.

Print policies control who can print, how they can print and how devices are configured. We offer an all-round service to implement and proactively manage print policies. Proactive monitoring and reporting portals that integrates with organisations own systems enables us to cater for specific requirements.

Managed Document Services (MDS) provides document and content management systems and services for the structured and secure management of business information. Our integrated systems enable business process automation and collaboration to deliver increased productivity, governance compliance and improved service delivery.

We offer end-to-end solutions that will assist you in entering the digital world of document and content management, including:

  • Digitisation services (scanning)
  • Cloud based systems and storage
  • Imaging technologies (scanners)

How Will Managed Print and Document Solutions Benefit My Business?

True print reduction strategies

  • Print functions become more efficient and cost effective.

Systems Integration

  • Print functions are integrated with the broader IT infrastructure, allowing it to be managed and controlled as part of your IT environment.

Digitisation Solutions

  • Providing a clear strategy, from digitization of paper-based records to storage of paper and digital records, tailored to your needs.

Increased Productivity

  • Streamlining and automation for immediate and efficient retrieval and storage of documentation.

More About Managed Print and Document Solutions

Smart Office Connexion uses a consultative approach to print, document and content management strategies, providing a holistic solution designed to meet the unique functions and needs of any size organisation.

At the outset, we will conduct a thorough assessment to analyse your present and future document output and management requirements.

Our MPS and MDS solutions go beyond simply managing your printers and information. Since we have the capability to deliver managed services across the ICT spectrum, we can take a 360-degree view of your total print and document environment, to optimise it in line with your business requirements. We will monitor, manage and optimise your total print output environment, whilst integrating this with your document and content management systems, so increasing your ROI and ensuring maximum user productivity.

Our MPS and MDS solutions are designed to support and inform at each of these stages:

  • Printing – quality output delivered reliably and within budget
  • Capturing – entering information into the system, in whatever form that may be
  • Managing – allowing information to be found and used by those who need it
  • Storing – creating an effective content and information repository
  • Archiving – preserving information so that it is protected and can be accessed later
  • Delivering – putting the right information in front of the right people, at the right time

Why Choose BCX?


Extensive service support

A flexible, transparent and cost-effective service-based model, with access to highly skilled MPS experts, nationwide. This means that you will enjoy the same service levels nationally with a single point of accountability.


A Plethora of leading brands

Our solutions are brand-agnostic, ensuring that your business receives the most effective solution suited to your needs.


Maximised Cost Efficiency

We offer a variety of cost models that allow you to choose the most efficient and impactful way of managing print function costs.

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