Introduction to Data Storage

Data Storage Services is a complete storage offering where you can choose from different services to suit your needs. Data Storage is purchased as a monthly service and billed per gigabyte.

What is Data Storage?

Data Storage is managed by storage architects and engineers whose prime function is to ensure that the service you get is in line with industry best practice. This is all underpinned by official Service Level Agreements (SLA).

This offering includes the storage hardware device, connectivity to storage devices and end-to-end management of the service.

How Will Data Storage Benefit My Business?

Stay Up to Date With Storage Reports

  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports cover usage, SLA, capacity and performance

Get Access to Best-In-Class Technology and Staff

  • Our data centres are of the highest quality – as part of our system you benefit from advanced technology and superior systems
  • Support staff are available to assist in all matters

Customise Your Storage

  • We analyse your business and data requirements and recommend a way forward
  • There are different tiers to choose from
  • Billing is per gigabyte
  • Solutions are flexible and can be adapted to suit changes in your business

Manage Your Data Better

  • Access to your storage is granted as quickly as possibly
  • Store data for as long as you need to
  • Cost-efficient organisation means you can choose a storage option based on your business needs

More About Data Storage

Data Storage requires focused management and our offering is underpinned by a solid service agreement.

We offer the following:

  • Transforming business requirements into a Storage Strategy (optional)
  • Initiating, assisting and overseeing all solution designs or redesign processes
  • Recommending Information Lifecycle Management Strategies (optional)
  • Ensuring that Service Levels are met
  • Creating, implementing and maintaining client specific procedures
  • Monitoring Storage Capacity, Availability and Performance
  • Documenting technical and architectural end-states
  • Reporting on SLA achievement with regards to Performance, Capacity, Availability and Trends
  • Troubleshooting storage-related issues
  • Documenting all relevant storage procedures
  • The maintenance of an up-to-date CMDB with the relevant architectural diagrams
  • Performing problem determination and resolving issues quickly
  • Performing a storage assessment of the client environment (optional)
  • Performing storage migration where required (optional)
  • Performing remote replication for business continuity purposes (optional)
  • Creating point-in-time copies of client data (optional)

Why Choose BCX?


Unmatched Data Centre and Infrastructure

Enterprise-class data protection happens in our world-class, state-of-the-art ISO20000 certified Tier 4 Data Centres.


Supported Systems

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of storage solutions is enabled through intelligent Backup Resource Management systems.


Dedicated Data Experts

You are supported by a dedicated and expert support staff who assist on a multitude of backup environments and situations.


Best In Class End-To-End Solutions

We can offer a fully customised solution to complement your data and storage offering.

Product Plan Variations


Response time: <1 ms

% Availability: 99.9%


Response time: <5 ms

% Availability: 99%


Response time: <10 ms

% Availability: 98%


Response time: <15 ms

% Availability: 97%

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