Introduction to SmartSite

Create a website for your company using our SmartSite service.

What is SmartSite?

Choose between SmartSite Meso and SmartSite Meta and benefit from our expertise, service and skills.

How Will SmartSite Benefit My Business?

Create an Online Identity

  • Every business should be listed and available on the www.

Benefit from our SEO Skills

  • Search Engine Optmisation (SEO) is all about ensuring that your website is given priority on Google and in other search engines. We optimize your site to ensure this happens

Choose the Right Platform

  • Our site hosting uses the latest technology, which means your website can be viewed on any electronic device

Grow Your Business

  • As your business grows you will need more online space. When this happens you can upgrade your site template

Why Choose BCX?


Web Hosting Specialists

We have dedicated online business specialists who have many years of experience in ensuring that your business has the best online presence.


Choose Add-Ons When You Need Them

Choose additional services as your business grows.


The Most Cost-Effective Option

Because of our extensive reach we are able to offer you a cost-effective solution with the best services.


Technical Support

Both options include consultation and technical support

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