SmartBroadband Wireless

Introduction to SmartBroadband Wireless

SmartBroadband Wireless is a Long Term Evolution (LTE) solution. LTE offers up to 90Mbps download speeds that will significantly improve your internet experience, whilst LTE Advanced is the next generation of LTE and offers even faster download speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Our LTE and LTE-A solutions are only available on the Telkom network.

What is SmartBroadband Wireless?

LTE is an extremely fast connection that gives you unsurpassed upload and download speeds. For businesses, SmartBroadband Wireless connects the entire office, with no compromise on speed or latency. It’s considered one of the most efficient ways to run an office system.

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How will SmartBroadband Wireless Benefit my Business?

Award Winning LTE Network

  • Telkom was voted the best mobile broadband service provider which provides further assurance that you have the best Wireless Broadband service

Set Up Immediately

● Plug-and-play technology means that there are no delays in waiting for installation, meaning you can connect your business in seconds and never worry about downtime due to copper theft

Save Costs

● Data bundles are available at highly competitive rates

Schedule Processes During Off Hours

● Get double your data with Telkom’s Night Surfer bundle . This can be used between 12am and 7am for scheduled downloads and processes

More About SmartBroadband Wireless

What Are the Additional Features?

Get more for less with the largest data bundles available on the market at highly competitive prices.

Night Surfer
Get double your data with Telkom’s Night Surfer bundle for use between 12am and 7am.

Why Choose BCX?


Exclusive Offer

LTE and LTE-A are only available through the Telkom network.


Extensive Network

We have an ever-expanding LTE footprint and offer the best value LTE deals on the market.


Business Proffesionals

Our SmartBroadband Wireless Solutions enables you to instantly set up your office, access files in the cloud and the internet faster and facilitate collaboration between staff.

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