Reverse Bill URL

Introduction to Reverse Bill URL

Reverse Bill URL (RBU) service gives a business who purchases the RBU solution the ability to pay for data traffic routed to their website. Traffic must originate from Telkom mobile subscribers and is charged at a flat rate of R0.08 per MB.

What is Reverse Bill URL?

The Reverse Bill URL product is the ideal mechanism for content distributors to attract visitors to their website. Traffic directed to the business-selected Reverse Bill URLs will be billed to the business and not to the end user. The end user will be able to access the URL at no charge. The business is accountable for all the data usage accumulated to their specified URL. It is important to note that only traffic originating from Telkom mobile subscribers will be reverse-billed.

The following businesses could benefit from this solution:

  • Academic institutions can offer students Telkom SIM cards. The students will then access the university’s portal, intranet or student content for free.
  • Banking institutions can offer free online banking to Telkom mobile subscribers.
  • As a business, you can bring employees onto our mobile network and offer free access to your company’s portals and systems.
  • App developers are able to offer free downloads of their applications.

How Will Reverse Bill URL Benefit My Business?

Enable More Traffic

Free access and usage encourages traffic to your site

Support Your Users

By paying for the costs your users will be able to interact with the site and content in a thorough and meaningful way

Save Costs

  • No upfront costs and fees
  • No subscription or maintenance fees
  • All usage is billed as a flat rate

Keep track

  • A daily report of data usage and behavior is available

More About Reverse Bill URL

Business Benefits:

  • No upfront costs or fees
  • No monthly maintenance or subscription fees
  • Month-to- month service
  • All usage is billed at a flat rate of R0.08 per MB
  • Multiple URLs can be selected
  • Reporting is available on a daily basis

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The Reverse Bill URL solution works on our network as well as our Partner networks.


Best Rates

We are able to offer the most competitive rates.


Business Service

As industry specialists we are able to consult and suggest the best business solutions to suit your business.

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