Multisite Internet

Introduction to Multisite Internet

Multisite Internet is a usage-based internet service that is designed specifically for those who have a business that is expanding to different locations, but prefer centralised control of internet usage.

As your business needs increase, you will use more internet but won’t need to order additional hardware or sign up for new contracts.

What is Multisite Internet?

The Multisite Internet Service is used by businesses that are expanding into new regions and opening new branches.

Because internet use will vary month to month, you only pay for what you use. You are also able to use as much internet as you need. The service is DSL or fibre-based and is therefore fast and reliable.

At the end of the month you receive a single, consolidated bill. Usage is charged for each gigabyte (GB) consumed monthly. Each branch will reflect separately so you are able to track usage across the network.

When using Multisite Internet you won’t need to order new, separate internet services as your business grows.

How Will Multisite Internet Benefit My Business?

Save Costs

  • Only pay for what you use
  • High speed internet at reduced rates in a flexible package

Reliable Business Operations

  • Established network of fibre and DSL means that you are always online
  • High-quality speeds of up to 40Mbps (DSL) and up to 100Mbps (fibre) make for fast, easy operations

Use the Self Service Portal

  • Change configurations and add new branches as you grow

An Inclusive Package

  • No need to purchase new hardware
  • Services such as email and hosting can be added as required

Why Choose BCX?


Most Extensive Network

Our geographical reach is unmatched: we have the biggest scope, from terrestrial infrastructure to cables and satellites.


Service Over and Above the Usual

We pride ourselves on assisting you with the growth of your business.


Choose Add-Ons When You Need Them

This flexible offer allows you to change the details of your contract as your business grows.


The Most Cost Effective Option

Our Multisite Internet package is specifically designed to help you save costs as you expand your business.

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