Integrated Data Service

Introduction to Integrated Data Service

Through Integrated Data Service (IDS) we allocate a portion of your monthly fixed data quota to a mobile device such as a WiFi router, 3G modem or cellphone.

What is Integrated Data Service?

As part of your DSL package, you will receive a recurring allocation of mobile data. This data works off a SIM card and must be configured to pick up the Telkom signal via the Telkom APN.

IDS keeps you connected while you are waiting for your line to be installed or when there is a fault on your line. It can even be used while you are out and about and need remote internet access.

How will Integrated Data Service Benefit My Business?

Work Anywhere

  • Even when you are out the office you can access your business account data.

Never Be Offline

  • If the DSL line is down, simply swap over to your WiFi or 3G connection

Save Costs

  • Instead of signing up for additional 3G data, you use your fixed data allocation as part of the same package
  • If you would like more data, you can request a Top Up.

Start Working As Soon As You Sign Up

  • Use WiFi or 3G while waiting for your line to be installed

More About Integrated Data Service

What do I need to qualify for IDS?

In order to qualify, you must have an internet and broadband connection from Telkom. This service is available for Softcap and Uncapped subscribers. IDS is a default service, which means it is part of your package.

For the service to function, you need to be within Telkom mobile coverage. We can deliver the SIM to your door for an additional charge, however please note that it does not include a device. You can request a Top Up if you need more data.

Why Choose BCX?



In order to provide a seamless and efficient service, we will deliver your SIM card to you – however, please note that delivery charges will apply.


IT Service Support

Technical support is just a phone call away


Great Coverage

Ensure you are always available to your customers and never without internet with our extensive mobile coverage. .


Most Extensive Network

Our geographical reach is unmatched: we have the biggest scope, from terrestrial infrastructures to cables and satellites.

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