Hosted Internet Access

Introduction to Hosted Internet Access

Hosted Internet Access (HIA) is a service where business clients use a single physical access line that runs from a data centre to connect to the internet.

What is Hosted Internet Access?

HIA is a premium direct internet service where we host your system in our centralised data centre. It is especially useful for those who would like run a private network and want to connect to regional offices or branches.

Local Area Network (LAN) and private network clients use a shared access link and port to connect their servers with our data centre. The connection works on a 1:1 ratio.

Internet breakout helps minimise overall costs. Pricing is relative to your national/international bandwidth split and the use and location of your servers.

How Will Hosted Internet Access Benefit My Business?

Know Where Your Data Is

  • Hosted data means enhanced security
  • High speeds give you access to this data

Save Costs

  • Internet breakout and access costs are reduced as part of the overall package

Get a Stable Connection

  • Our data centres are secure
  • The physical access line is stable and reliable

Customise a Solution to Suit Your Business

  • You consult with us on what your needs are and we create the right solution for you

More About Hosted Internet Access

The service breaks out to the internet from our data centres. Multi-tenant Local Area Network (LAN) and VPNS customers will require a shared access link and port from their MPLS VRF into our data centre. Customers who are already subscribed to our Hosting Services on the multi-tenant LAN benefit from this ‘shared’ access being included in the HIA pricing.

Why Choose BCX?


Customised Solutions

We create a solution to manage your data, hosting and internet requirements.


Value Added Services

We offer an end-to-end solution with a variety of additional services to meet your business needs.

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