Domain Services

Introduction to Domain Services

We manage all aspects of managing your domains, from registering your domain name and converting your IP address into a web address to hosting your online properties and transferring information.

What is Domain Services?

A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember name that relates to an Internet address (IP). The name is the website address that others use to access your site. The domain name system (DNS) is the technology that allows a domain name to be translated into an IP address. Our services include DNS Registration, DNS Management and DNS Transfer. Our system manages the mapping between host names (i.e. your website address) and the numerical addresses that computers understand. By outsourcing, you minimise the extensive risks associated with maintaining a global web presence and ensure your business reaps the greatest benefit possible from its online properties.

How Will Domain Services Benefit My Business?

Outsource Hosting and Management

  • We manage the set-up and maintenance of your domains, freeing up your IT resources to attend to strategic IT tasks.

Scale As You Grow

  • Make changes as your business needs change

Save on Costs

  • Relieves the investment burden of setting up and managing DNS services
  • No need to hire additional staff

Reduce Risk

  • Redundant architecture ensures that you get maximum (DNS) uptime.
  • Our cloud computing solutions are stable and reliable.

Why Choose BCX?


Best Access

You get access to the largest portfolio of cloud services in Africa.


Leading Partner

We are the leaders in IT management and in service delivery.


Tier 4 Data Centre

Our Tier 4 data centre ensures that your data is secure.

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