Access Point Network

Introduction to Access Point Network (APN)

An Access Point Name (APN) solution allows you to securely access your company information and applications on any mobile device from any location.

What is APN?

The expectations of the modern workforce have moved beyond just accessing email and calendar from your mobile devices. As an enterprise APN customer you can get access to business critical applications on your mobile device –no matter where you are.

An APN solution enables corporates to meet the expectations of an increasingly mobile workforce through the benefits of mobile technology, leading to increased agility, flexibility and productivity of your workforce. A corporate APN is not visible to the public and is therefore not accessible to anyone but selected colleagues.

How Will APN Benefit My Business?

Consolidate Data

  • Multiple users are able to access and interact with data

Work from a Mobile Phone

  • No matter where you are, an APN ensures that the information is secure
  • This information is accessible wherever there is reception for a mobile device

Link Multiple Machines

  • Printers, point of sale machines and equipment can be linked remotely
  • Branches across the country can be linked

Connect Colleagues

  • Remote access is available to all colleagues, keeping the businesses running across multiple regions

Product Plan Variations

Corporate APN

  • This is not visible externally, so it is not accessible via the public internet, ensuring that your data is secure

APN Lite

  • A completely mobile APN with no need for a fixed backhaul
  • Best suited for machine-to- machine traffic or limited data traffic requirements

Cloud APN (or APN with Internet Breakout)

  • Provides you with internet access on the APN solution

Reseller APN

  • Allows you to buy data in bulk and resell it to your end customers


  • Connects machines, devices and appliances to your network, wirelessly via a secure APN

APN Management Platform

  • Allows you to manage the data usage on your APN solution
  • Enables real time data reporting with customised reports

Why Choose BCX?


Extensive Network

Because of our extensive network coverage, your team can continue to collaborate, from almost anywhere.


Business Service Specialists

We have dedicated teams available to configure customised solutions suited to your business needs.


Safe and Secure

We provide you with a secure connection through our reliable networks, ensuring that your data is protected.

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