Data Assurance Services

Introduction to Data Assurance Services

This service offers a secure, reliable, scalable, and risk-free approach to backup and restoration of critical business data. This allows customers to store their business data away from their servers and protect it in case of data loss or corruption.

What is Data Assurance Services?

Managing data is one of the most important tasks your business must tackle. Our data infrastructure and centres are secure, reliable, scalable, and risk-free. All your data is backed up to a secure centralised storage facility.

It’s a cost-efficient solution that is essential for businesses who wish to safeguard critical information. Our facilities are considered the best in the country.

How Will Data Assurance Services Benefit My Business?

Keep Data Safe and Secure

  • You will never lose data – it can always be restored
  • All data is protected
  • Security is of the highest level

Save Costs

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – storage solutions are enabled through intelligent Backup Resource Management systems
  • Consumption based – you only pay for what you need

Get Access to Best-In-Class Tech and Staff

  • Our data centres are of the highest quality – as part of our system you benefit from advanced technology and superior systems
  • Support staff are available to assist in all matters

Minimise Business Risks

  • Your data is secure – if there is loss or corruption on your data, your data is safely stored
  • Easy Recovery

More About Data Assurance Services

What products are part of Data Assurance Services?

  • Netbackup Software
  • Backup Infrastructure
  • Reliability of a Tier4 Data Centre
  • Offsite Storage
  • Certified resource
  • ITIL processes

Why Choose BCX?


Unmatched Data Centre and Infrastructure

Enterprise-class data protection happens in our world class, state-of-the-art ISO20000 certified Tier 4 Data Centres.


Supported Systems

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of storage solutions is enabled through intelligent Backup Resource Management systems.


Dedicated Data Experts

You are supported by a dedicated and expert support staff who assist on a multitude of backup environments and situations


Best In Class End-To-End Solutions

We can offer a fully customised solution to complement your data and storage

Product Plan Variations

Operational Recovery objectives for Production Systems

  • ORPO – last backed up log
  • ORTO – Up to 12GB/Minute
  • Time to respond to requests < 2 hours
  • Backup and Retention Schedule:


Daily: Full, Disk: 14 cycles. Log/Incremental: 3 Hourly, Disk: 14 cycles.
Weekly: Full, TAPE: 4 cycles.
Monthly: Full, TAPE: 13 cycles.

Image Level Backups

  • 98% successful backups measured monthly
  • ORPO – 24hours

Production Database System Backups

  • 98% successful backups measured monthly
  • ORPO – 3hours

Production File System Backups

  • 98% successful backups measured monthly.
  • ORPO – 24hours

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