Basic Hosting Services

Introduction to Basic Hosting Services

Our Basic Hosting offering combines the use of our data centre to store physical equipment coupled with the associated hosting services.

What is Basic Hosting?

Through Basic Hosting Services we provide a world-class environment to host your mission critical applications and equipment.

Service features include:

  • Administration and operation of your ICT facilities
  • Management of access to the facilities
  • Management of the floor and rack space
  • Service level agreement is customised according to your needs
  • Monthly reports cover availability statistics, maintenance, power usage and access control

How Will Basic Hosting Services Benefit My Business?

Access Your Data Whenever You Want

  • Guaranteed, always-on, uninterrupted ICT facility
  • 99.95% availability
  • Flexibility for onsite or BCX Data Centres
  • Countrywide access to multiple Tiered Data Centres

Customise Your Solution

  • Choose how you would like to structure your hosting and we will create a customised package for you
  • Economies of scale are anticipated and accommodated

Get The Best Service

  • Choose the administrative service level that best suits you
  • Services include administration and operations of client ICT facilities, management of security access control to the ICT facilities and management of ICT floor and rack space

Keep Track of Data

  • Statistics and reports are compiled on a monthly basis
  • Additional reports are available when needed

Why Choose BCX?



Because we are Africa’s premium end-to-end digital solutions provider one-stop shop, you can scale your solution as your business needs change. Our offerings can all be combined into one customsied solution.


The Best Cloud Solutions Provider

As a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider – we are able to provide you with everything your business needs for a successful journey to the Cloud.


Unmatched Data Centre and Infrastructure Protection

Data is secure behind your firewall or in our Tier IV data centres. Our data centres and the subsequent networks.

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