Introduction to Security Management Consulting

At BCX we know that security is about more than simply installing the latest anti-malware software and products. You need to safeguard your entire organisation, which includes your first line of defence through Perimeter Security for your networks, to Endpoint Security for every device used in your business. BCX can help you implement this kind of holistic approach to security.

What is Security Management Consulting?

Whether you are a medium-sized business or a larger enterprise, and no matter which industry you operate in, be it financial, retail, mining, manufacturing, or even the public sector, your organisation will be exposed to security threats. BCX security specialists offer Security Management Consulting to help you analyse, build, and manage security systems that are customised for your industry.

Our partners can tap in to management and consulting services that span across all phases of Security Management; from risk assessment and crafting information security strategies, to planning systems and governance frameworks, as well as implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving the security systems you deploy. You will benefit from the expertise of an Information Security Consultant and a Security Manager who familiarise themselves with your unique business operations and environment, so you can rest assured your solutions are appropriate for your business environment, and also meet regulatory and industry standards.

How Will Security Management Consulting Benefit My Business?

Dedicated Experts

  • Be guided by a skilled Information Security Consultant who spends time on-site to craft the best solution for your business
  • Benefit from the ongoing advice and input of an on-site dedicated BCX Security Manager, who acts as a single point of contact with BCX
  • Leverage the skills of certified experts who will assess your security needs and threats
  • Receive advice that encompasses your entire risk management process

Global Security Standards

  • Adhere to benchmarks set by the Information Security Forum (ISF) Standard of Good Practice (SOGP)
  • Leverage access to a huge library of information security good practice through our ISF membership
  • Maintain the most up-to-date security practices and systems through ongoing monitoring


  • Streamline the administration of security processes and procedures
  • Focus on your business and allow BCX to manage third party security service providers
  • Leverage the convenience of BCX reviewing security monitoring and testing security status

Security Management

  • Make sure you get ongoing security education
  • Optimise the involvement of a security manager who can incorporate security into systems thinking before implementation, and also address resolution immediately if there is an incident
  • Link governance to technical implementation, road-mapping annual security, and overseeing implementation

More About Security Management Consulting

BCX Security Management Consulting services span across a range of phased deliverables:

  • Phase 1 : Conducting a Risk Assessment (RA)
  • Phase 2 : Compiling an Information Security Strategy
  • Phase 3 : Planning an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Phase 4 : Information Security Governance Framework
  • Phase 5 : Implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve the ISMS

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Why Choose BCX?


BCX makes sure your security adheres to benchmarks set by the Information Security Forum (ISF) Standard of Good Practice (SOGP)


We spend time on-site to ensure we understand your business objectives and requirements and craft a customized solution


We offer flexible solutions tailored for your particular industry that enable you to tap in to dedicated skilled experts

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