Open Systems Services

Introduction to Open Systems Services

Open Systems Services from BCX provide your organisation, whether a small business to larger enterprise, with a highly secure, highly available service to manage and support your “open source” Operating Systems (OS). This could include systems such as AIX, Solaris, and Linux, which are developed through collaboration and made freely available. The service is custom designed to your specifications, and manages system resources in order to maintain stability and capacity for mission critical applications and functions that make up your business processes. Open Systems Services experts have certified skills, and deliver support that is aligned with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) version 3, the international framework for best practice.

What are Open Systems Services?

When you partner with BCX to use our Open Systems Services, you can choose between three support levels:

  • Classic
  • Premium
  • Premium Plus

The basic elements of Open Systems Services include hardware configuration, local server storage management, server network configuration management, support and problem management, and also system troubleshooting. We can offer you support on your own servers, or house your system in one of our Tier 3 or Tier 4 secure data centres throughout South Africa.

Optional services which can be added on to your BCX Open Systems Services are backup support, monitoring, scripting, network printing management, batch management, and base reporting.

How Will Open Systems Services Benefit My Business?

Security and Stability

  • Ensure your servers and operating systems are “always on”
  • Plan ahead for when updates will take place, usually from 17h00 on the Saturday following the 10th of each month, until the following morning, at 06h00
  • Choose additional optional services for an end-to-end solution: backup support, monitoring, scripting, network printing management, batch management, and base reporting

Flexible Service Levels

  • Choose between support on your own servers or BCX servers at our Tier III and Tier IV Data Centres
  • Select Classic support, Premium support, or Premium Plus Support, depending on your hours of operation

Expert Support

  • Leverage support from experts who have certified skills in open source operating systems
  • Enjoy cost savings through outsourcing
  • Benefit from support aligned to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) version 3 best practice

More About Open Systems Services

BCX Open Systems Services offers you a choice between three levels of support, depending on the hours during which your organisation might need our services.

These are:

  • Classic: which gives support during normal business hours on weekdays
  • Premium: which operates from Mondays to Sundays from 08h00 to 17h00
  • Premium Plus: which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The scope of work of the Open Systems Services is extensive, and ranges from aligning configurations with your policies and standards, to monitoring and implementing third party management software. It includes:

  • Managing and supporting of Operating System (OS) configurations in accordance with agreed application system requirements, and your company’s policies and standards
  • Performance tuning, joint development, and enforcing standards to optimise the managed server environment
  • Managing and controlling all approved changes within the OS environment in accordance with Change Management procedures
  • Reviewing, and if necessary, making recommendations in respect of changes to the managed server infrastructure, including any additions and modification
  • Managing all server (OS) incidents and requests in accordance with your Service Level Agreement
  • Isolating, analysing, and resolving server operating system problems in accordance with a Problem Management Process
  • Maintaining configuration documentation relating to the logical and physical configuration of the managed server environments, in accordance with agreed configuration items in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Monitoring and reporting on breached thresholds for inscope, instrumented OS or hardware components, limited to the functionality provided by the toolsets
  • Monitoring server performance and availability, using the agreed toolsets, and reporting in accordance with the standard reporting available within those toolsets
  • Performing first-line server hardware diagnostics, and escalating to the appropriate Resolver Group (including third party vendors) for resolution if required – where third party vendors are involved we play a co-ordination role between the data centre and the third party
  • Maintaining current Server Operating System Security Patches on agreed servers, in accordance with the Release Management Service – OS version upgrades and Service Pack implementations are treated as project
  • Implementing and managing selected server specific third party management software on agreed servers
  • Updating server specific management software and server firmware to the latest versions
  • Establishing and maintaining site documentation such as Policy, Standards, Procedures, and Diagrams
  • Managing, implementing, and supporting vendor software installed on the servers

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