Monitoring as a Service

Introduction to Monitoring as a Service

At BCX we know you need to ensure your Information Communication and Technology (ICT) systems are always on, and that they also adhere to the world class standards required in today’s globally competitive business environment. As part of our IT Managed Services portfolio, we offer Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) to help you do this, by remotely managing all your ICT systems.

What is Monitoring as a Service?

We monitor services and applications in the private or public cloud by gathering and interpreting data that gives you reports, escalates any issues, and enables a single view of your business systems.

Our deep insight and diagnostics, using a range of tools and applications, enable us to offer you a management solution that provides real time information, so you can take action immediately to respond to faults.

Our monitoring includes tracking performance, enabling you to identify availability and capacity trends, systems governance and Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) administration.

How Will Monitoring as a Service Benefit My Business?

Cost Efficiencies

  • Reduce operating costs because you do not have to invest in your own monitoring software and hardware
  • Leverage the economies of scale that come with increasing the number of licenses you commit to
  • Save on investing in your own dedicated resources to deploy management solutions
  • Leverage the benefits of an optimised single view of your IT environment


  • Get local support for a locally developed solution that will be appropriate for your business

  • Tap in to our in-house developers to tailor software to your unique needs

  • Benefit from training and education

  • Leverage real time insights and take advantage of early warnings on system weaknesses

More About Monitoring as a Service

BCX uses the Sintelligent System Management tool to deliver support and service monitoring activities as part of our Monitoring-as-a-Service offering.

Support Activities

  • Delivering predictable line-of-business application Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by providing deep insight and diagnostics
  • Offering best-in-class management for data centre and private cloud environments
  • Providing hosted managed services and consulting services
  • Maintaining remote management for all ICT systems
  • Providing detailed scoping exercises to offer you the most effective management solution

At BCX we use State monitoring, regarded as a fundamental building block for many applications and services hosted in cloud data centres. This helps us determine whether the aggregated state of a distributed application or service meets set, predefined conditions, or deviates from what your business considers an acceptable value. You will receive real time notifications, by email or text, or through any other chosen means of alert, so you can respond immediately to rectify faults.

Our service activities range across five main categories:

  • Systems Monitoring and Data Collection
  • Capacity Monitoring
  • Availability Monitoring
  • ESM System Administration – Systems Governance
  • ESM Administration – Systems Management

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Why Choose BCX?


BCX has the ability to provide support and service activities as part of its Monitoring-as-a-Service solution


We offer enterprise-grade management capabilities to ensure best-in-class performance


We offer proactive state monitoring that shows deviations from acceptable values in real time

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